How to Buy a Dump Truck? 2023 Dump Truck Buying Guide

HOWO 430HP Dump Truck

Dump trucks are essential tools for transporting cargo, and they play a crucial role in economic development. If you’re planning to buy a truck, it’s a good idea to watch some truck reviews and videos first, so you can familiarize yourself with the models available. Purchasing a truck requires careful consideration of many factors. To help you choose the right truck, we have put together a comprehensive truck buying guide. We hope it will be useful to you.

1. Choosing a Dump Truck Based on Your Needs

When purchasing a truck, you should choose the right dump truck according to your own needs, focusing on the following points:

Dump Truck Use

You need to determine which working environment the dump truck is used in. For example, under what road conditions, what type of goods are transported.

  • If you transport goods on urban roads, you can choose a small dump truck because it is easier to drive on urban roads.
  • If heavy goods need to be transported, a large dump truck is required.

When selecting the dump truck, it should also be judged according to the type of goods transported.The type of cargo being transported determines which shape of dump box to choose.

  • If you are transporting loose cargo such as dirt or sand, it is recommended to choose a U-shaped dump box.
  • If you are transporting goods such as stones, ores, or coal, it is recommended to choose a square dump box.

This is because small-sized goods with high viscosity tend to remain in the corners of the dump box during unloading, so using an internally smooth U-shaped dump box can result in a cleaner unloading process.
For larger and harder goods such as stones and ores, this is not a concern, and therefore a larger square dump box is more suitable.

How to Buy a Dump Truck?

U-Shaped Dump Truck

How to Buy a Dump Truck?

Square Dump Truck

Load Capacity

You need to determine the maximum weight your truck needs to be able to carry. This is usually determined by the truck’s tonnage and cargo box volume. If transporting heavier cargo, a large dump truck is required. If the goods to be transported are lighter, you can consider choosing a medium-duty dump truck. The following is a reference for the loading capacity (maximum loading capacity) of large dump trucks, medium dump trucks, and small dump trucks:

  • Large 8×4 / 4 Axle / 12 Wheel Dump Truck: 38 tons / 35 cubic meters
  • Medium 6×4 / 3 Axle / 10 Wheel Dump Truck: 28 tons / 22 cubic meters
  • Small 4×2 / 2 Axle / 6 Wheel Dump Truck: 10 tons / 12 cubic meters

In a previous article, we wrote in detail about the question of ” How Many Tons Can A Dump Truck Haul? . You can read this article first before buying a dump truck.
Or consult us to learn more

Dump Truck Dimensions

When buying a dump truck you need to consider its size and the size of the dump box. If you need to ship larger items, you may need to choose a larger dump box, while if you ship smaller items, you may consider choosing a smaller dump box. As a professional truck supplier and semi-trailer factory, we can customize the dump box size you want. At the same time, you also need to consider the length and width of the dump truck to ensure that it can easily pass the road you need to travel.The body size of a dump truck has a lot to do with its driving form.

The following are the common specifications of dump trucks with different driving forms:

  • Large 8×4 / 4 Axle / 12 Wheel Dump Truck: 10750*2550*3450mm
  • Medium 6×4 / 3 Axle / 10 Wheel Dump Truck: 8750*2550*3450mm
  • Small 4×2 / 2 Axle / 6 Wheel Dump Truck: 7250*2550*3450mm
12 Wheel Dump Truck

12 Wheel Dump Truck

10 Wheel Dump Truck

10 Wheel Dump Truck

6 Wheel Dump Truck

6 Wheel Dump Truck

Engine and Fuel Type

Before choosing a dump truck, you also need to determine the engine and fuel type. Some dump trucks use gasoline engines, but more dump trucks choose to use diesel engines. Because diesel engines are more powerful, better suited for heavy loads and are more fuel efficient, they can reduce operating costs.
The main consideration in choosing a diesel engine is power, which is often referred to as horsepower (hp). The more powerful the engine, the better the performance of the truck and the higher the fuel consumption. This is the same as the “horsepower of semi-truck” in our How Much Horsepower Does A Semi Truck Have? article.

Therefore, when choosing a dump truck, you should choose the engine power that suits you according to your own situation. Avoid excessive fuel consumption due to “excessive performance” or insufficient performance after purchasing a truck.

The horsepower of the dump truck is referenced as follows:

  • 12 Wheels Dump Truck: 336HP/400HP/430HP
  • 10 Wheel Dump Truck: 336HP/400HP/420HP/430HP
  • 6 Wheels Dump Truck: 266HP/290HP
HOWO 400HP Dump Truck

HOWO 400HP Dump Truck

HOWO 430HP Dump Truck

HOWO 430HP Dump Truck

2. Dump Truck Cost Analysis

The first is the cost of buying a truck. We can provide you with prices for new or used dump trucks.
Most of the customers will choose to buy a new dump truck, because the new truck is more reliable and has a longer service life.
The price of second-hand dump trucks is cheaper, and the price difference between new trucks and second-hand trucks with the same configuration is 40%-50%. But used dump trucks may cost more in maintenance and repairs in the future.

We wrote in the article How Much Does A Dump Truck Cost? that the price of dump trucks with different configurations is $25,000 to $40,000. The price of a second-hand dump truck is only $14,000 to $24,000.

The second is to consider the fuel consumption of the dump truck. The fuel consumption of dump trucks of different brands and configurations is different. When purchasing a dump truck, you can ask the manufacturer or salesperson about the fuel consumption of this vehicle.
Usually the fuel consumption of the Sinotruk dump trucks we sell is 35-40 L/100 km (for reference only, please contact us for a quotation for detailed configuration)

The maintenance and repair of the dump truck is also a big expense. Different dump truck makes, models, and ages all affect maintenance costs. The cost varies greatly depending on the country and region where you are located. The specific cost can be consulted with the local auto repair shop.

3. Compare Different Brands

On the premise of determining purchasing power, it is necessary to compare truck brands. If you choose to import dump trucks in China, we recommend choosing well-known brands with good reputation: Sinotruk and Shacman.

  • Sinotruk has a higher reputation and good after-sales service. Whether in China or abroad, SINOTRUK has the most truck service outlets and convenient maintenance.
  • Shacman has strong independent research and development capabilities, advanced technology, has a number of patents, and is at the forefront of the truck industry.

We are the best dump truck dealers in China, able to offer brand new dump trucks and used dump trucks in good condition. Our company has a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with Sinotruk and Shaanxi Automobile, and can provide customers with high-quality service and after-sales guarantee.

Sinotruk Factory

Sinotruk Factory

Shacman Factory

Shacman Factory

4. Tipper truck purchase process

Finally, when you have selected the brand, model and configuration of the truck, we will deliver the truck to your country through the following process:

  1. We will finally confirm the configuration to you and send you a quotation.
  2. Confirm the payment method, delivery date, purchase quantity and time.
  3. Send you a proforma invoice with our bank account information.
  4. Confirm PI with you.
  5. Provide us with the water slip that you paid the 30% deposit to our factory bank account.
  6. After the deposit is received, we will arrange production or purchase after confirming the drawings with you.
  7. During the production period, we will provide you with pictures and videos to update the production progress.
  8. After the production is completed, send pictures or videos to notify you to pay the balance.
  9. After the final payment is received, book the ship and start the ship, send you the bill of lading and other customs clearance documents, and inform the ship of the estimated time of arrival at the port.
Dump Truck Shipping Site
Dump Truck Shipping Site

Dump Truck Shipping Site

When choosing a suitable dump truck, various factors need to be considered comprehensively. This includes vehicle usage, load capacity, body size and engine, fuel efficiency, and more. Through the suggestions provided in this article and the explanations of various factors, you can have a clearer understanding of what kind of dump truck you need to buy, and find a model that suits your needs faster. Buying a dump truck is an important investment, and you should pay attention to transportation efficiency and safety when choosing, I hope the content of this article can help you on the dump truck.

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