How Much Horsepower Does a Semi Truck Have?

How Much Horsepower does a Semi Truck Have

When buying a semi truck, the most common question people ask is the horsepower of a semi truck. Therefore, it is believed that the greater the horsepower, the greater the power, and the more goods that can be pulled. Is this notion really correct? This concept is not completely wrong, but at least it is a one-sided view. Here we will talk about what horsepower is, how much horsepower does a truck have?

What is Horsepower of a Semi Truck?

Horsepower (hp) is one of the units of power, the international standard unit of power is kilowatt (Kw), 1kw=1.36 horsepower. Horsepower is a measure of how fast work is done, that is, it is related to speed. The maximum horsepower can determine the top speed of the semi truck, the greater the maximum horsepower, the greater the maximum speed, so the performance of the horsepower on the truck is the limit speed performance of the semi truck.

How Much Horsepower does a Semi Truck Have

Is the Horsepower of a Semi Truck Equal to the Power of the Engine?

The power of the engine refers to the speed at which the engine does work. The work done by an engine per unit time is called the power of the engine. Horsepower originated from James Watt and is a unit of power commonly used in engineering technology. Generally refers to metric horsepower rather than imperial horsepower. The size of the horsepower is related to many things such as the displacement of the engine, the intake pressure, and the speed. Affected by many factors, it is generally difficult for semi trucks to reach the calibrated maximum horsepower value.

How Much Horsepower does a Semi Truck Have

371HP HOWO Tractor Truck

Semi Truck Horsepower

Knowing the definition of semi truck horsepower, let’s go back to the original question: How much horsepower do semi trucks have. Let’s take the two most common truck brands in Africa as examples.
As the truck brands with the largest number of trucks in Africa, Sinotruk and Shacman have many types. Different types have different horsepower of the engine.

Generally, semi trucks made in China have horsepower of 336-550hp. Tractors with more than 550 horsepower are called high-horsepower heavy-duty tractor trucks. It uses a more powerful engine with a maximum power of 660 horsepower. (Sinotruk is about to release a high-horsepower product equipped with Weichai Power T series, with a maximum power of 680 horsepower)

High-horsepower engine torque:

The peak torque of the 550 horsepower semi truck is 2550N.m, and the maximum torque speed is 1000-1400rpm. The 660 horsepower semi-truck can explode with a maximum torque of more than 3200N·m at 900rpm.

Models with more than 600 horsepower currently on sale are:

Sinotruk Shandeka 600 hp 6X4 AMT tractor (Man Technology MC13H.60-61 engine)
shacman X6000 660 hp 6X4 tractor (Weichai WP15H660E68 engine)
shacman X3000 600 hp 6X4 tractor (Cummins ISX15E5 engine), etc.

Truck Engine Horsepower

  • The horsepower of Sinotruk trucks mainly includes 336 horsepower tractors, 371 horsepower tractors, 400 horsepower tractors, 420 horsepower tractors, and 430 horsepower tractors.
  • The tractor horsepower of Shacman has 336 horsepower tractors, 375 horsepower tractors, 420 horsepower tractors, 460 horsepower tractors, and 550 horsepower tractors.

We knew earlier that 1kw=1.36 horsepower. Therefore, their output power can be calculated from 247kW to 404kW according to the maximum horsepower value calibrated by the semi truck.
The comparison of the engine parameters of different semi trucks is not to compare the quality of the engines, but to show that the characteristics and positioning of these engines are different, and the suitable working conditions are different. Rather than saying that the more powerful the engine, the better.

How Much Horsepower does a Semi Truck Have

Shacman F3000 Semi Truck

Through the above examples, I remind everyone that when buying a semi truck, when comparing engine parameters, don’t simply think that the higher the horsepower, the greater the power, and that it will definitely be able to pull more and heavier cargo. Horsepower can determine whether the semi truck can run fast; and the torque can determine whether the semi truck can pull when it is heavily loaded. It is necessary to make a comprehensive comparison instead of being confused by a single horsepower size, so as to choose the model that suits you best.

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