What Is a Straight/Box Truck? Parameters and Uses

What Is a Straight/Box Truck?

Box truck, also called straight truck, is a vehicle specially used for transporting goods, consisting of a truck chassis and a closed cargo box.

Compared with ordinary cargo trucks, box trucks do not need to be covered with tarpaulins after loading, which is safer and more beautiful than ordinary cargo trucks, and also avoids the possibility of the cargo getting wet in rainy days. Box truck is widely used in long-distance transportation and short-distance transportation by logistics companies. Transport missions can be completed both on various highways and within urban areas.

Types of Box Trucks:

Generally, there are two types of box trucks: ordinary box truck and refrigerated truck.
Their difference is:

  • The cargo box of the box truck has a simple structure and is only made of a simple sealed structure. It does not have the function of refrigeration or heat preservation, but only provides a relatively closed and safe space for transporting goods.
  • The refrigerated truck is specialized in transporting temperature-sensitive commodities. It is equipped with professional refrigeration equipment and insulation materials to control the temperature in the cabin within the required range.

At the same time, refrigerated trucks are better insulated than box trucks. The cargo box of a refrigerated truck is usually made of insulating material.

What Is a Straight/Box Truck?

Shacman Box Truck

What Is a Straight/Box Truck?

Sinotruk HOWO Refrigerated Truck

Box Truck Parameters

The hot-selling light box truck brands include Dongfeng, Jiefang, Isuzu, JAC, Jiangling, Foton, etc. Heavy box truck brands include Sinotruk and Shacman.
List of box truck dimensions:

Box Truck Parameters

box truck TypeTruck DimensionsCargo Box Dimensions
Sinotruk HOWO G5X Medium Truck 5.2m Half box truck7.445m x 2.55m x 3.985.2m x 2.44m x 2.3m
FAW Jiefang J6L Medium Truck 6.8m box truck9.1m x 2.55m x 4m6.8m x 2.46m x 2.6m
Sinotruk HOWO T5G Medium Truck 180HP 4X2 6.92m box truck9m x 2.55m x 3.98m6.92m x 2.42m x 2.5m
JAC Gerfa K6L Medium Truck 7.2m box truck9.72m x 2.55m x 3.99m7.2m x 2.48m x 2.5m
Qingling FVR heavy truck 7.59m box truck10.04m x 2.55m x 3.96m7.59m x 2.45m x 2.55m
Foton Auman ETX5 Series Heavy Duty Truck 245HP 6X2 7.8m Wing Open box truck10.27m x 2.55m x 3.95m7.8m x 2.45m x 2.5m
Sinotruk HOWO T5G Heavy Duty Truck 340HP 8X4 9.52m box truck12m x 2.55m x 3.98m9.52m x 2.45m x 2.5m
Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Tianjin KR Row Half 9.6m box truck11.98m x 2.55m x 3.99m9.6m x 2.4m x 2.57m
JAC Gerfa K6LII Medium Truck 9.61m box truck12m x 2.55m x 3.98m9.61m x 2.48m x 2.69m
Sinotruk HOWO T5G heavy truck 4X2 9.6m box truck12m x 2.55m x 3.98m9.6m x 2.5m x 2.7m
box truck TypeTruck DimensionsCargo Box Dimensions
JMC Shunda narrow-body half-row 3.8-meter box truck5.995m x 2.018m x 2.83m3.8m x 1.85m x 1.81m
Sinotruk HOWO Hanjiang single-row 4.15m box truck5.995m x 2.37m x 3.4m4.15m x 2.3m x 2.3m
Foton Oling CTS single-row 4.14m box truck5.995m x 2.2m x 3.25m4.14m x 2.1m x 2.1m
JAC Junling V6 single row 4.12m box truck5.995m x 2.55m x 3.27m4.12m x 2.42m x 2.22m
Jiefang Tiger VN single-row 4.16m box truck5.995m x 2.22m x 3.32m4.16m x 2.3m x 2.3m
Dongfeng Duolika D6 single-row 4.17m box truck5.995m x 2.42m x 3.38m4.17m x 2.43m x 2.3m
Qingling Isuzu 100P single-row 4.25m box truck5.995m x 1.88m x 2.79m4.25m x 1.784m x 1.81m
JMC Shunda narrow-body single-row 4.21-meter box truck5.995m x 2.175m x 3.07m4.21m x 2.05m x 2.05m
box truck TypeTruck DimensionsCargo Box Dimensions
Wuling Rongguang small card single-row 2.585m box truck4.705m x 1.635m x 2.4m2.585m x 1.5m x 1.56m
Foton Xiangling single-row 3.3-meter mini-truck truck5.22m x 1.85m x 2.59m3.3m x 1.71m x 1.7m
JMC Shunda narrow-body double-row 3.32-meter box truck5.995m x 1.928m x 2.75m3.32m x 1.8m x 1.73m
Dongfeng Tuyi single-row 3.4-meter box truck5.43m x 1.82m x 2.59m3.4m x 1.737m x 1.75m
JAC Kangling X5 single row 3.5m box truck5.57m x 1.865m x 2.6m3.5m x 1.75m x 1.75m
Tang Jun Ouling small BMW single-row 3.63m box truck5.43m x 1.88m x 2.65m3.63m x 1.75m x 1.7m
Dayun 3.67m single-row box truck5.49m x 1.91m x 2.8m3.67m x 1.81m x 1.8m
Foton Xiangling M2 single-row 3.7-meter box truck5.62m x 1.85m x 2.625m3.7m x 1.71m x 1.7m

Cargo Compartment Types of Box Trucks

The material of the cargo compartment door includes high-strength steel, aluminum alloy, composite material, etc. The types of compartment doors include rear doors, left and right doors, fully closed, semi-closed, etc.

Different types of doors are designed to suit different working environments. Some goods are small in size, such as express delivery and bulk goods, they can be loaded into the cargo compartment only through a double-opened rear door when loading. For some oversized goods such as large furniture and home appliances, the rear door may not be wide enough. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a side door type with a larger door. And the loading and unloading of the side door is faster.

What Is a Straight/Box Truck?

Rear Door Box Truck

What Is a Straight/Box Truck?

Side Door Box Truck

The Purpose of the Box Truck

  • Commodity transportation: straight trucks can be used to transport various types of commodities for supermarkets or shopping malls, such as food, furniture, home appliances, textiles, etc.
  • Moving service: straight truck can be used for moving service, providing customers with safe and fast moving service, capable of loading various large and heavy furniture and home appliances.
  • Logistics transportation: straight truck can be widely used in the field of logistics transportation, including transporting goods, mail and parcels.
  • Agricultural use: box truck can also be used in the agricultural field, such as transporting agricultural products, vegetables, fruits, etc.
  • Emergency Rescue: In emergency situations, straight trucks can also be used for rescue services, such as transporting medical equipment and supplies to disaster areas.
What Is a Straight/Box Truck?

Performance of Box Truck

Different brands of box trucks have different performances. When choosing a box truck, you should choose products produced by big brands, such as Sinotruk and Shacman. Their box trucks have a lot in common in terms of performance:

Shacman and Sinotruk’s box trucks have strong frames and high driving stability. And when you order a box truck, the manufacturer can customize and design the box body according to your requirements.

What Is a Straight/Box Truck?

Shacman Box Truck

What Is a Straight/Box Truck?

Sinotruk Box Truck

Box Truck Prices and Services

How much is box truck? We export box trucks. The price of a light box truck is $14,000-14,500, and the price of a heavy box truck is around $30,000.

Our service: We have after-sales service points in many countries in Africa, which is convenient for customers to repair and maintain. The after-sales service period is 1 year.
And we will provide technical training for users who purchase new cars to help users use and maintain vehicles correctly as soon as possible.

In conclusion, box trucks or straight trucks are popular vehicles used for transporting goods, especially for long and short-distance transportation by logistics companies. There are two types of box trucks, ordinary box trucks and refrigerated trucks, which differ in their cargo box structures and temperature control capabilities. Different brands of box trucks have different performances, and it is essential to choose products produced by big brands like Sinotruk and Shacman. Box trucks are used for various purposes, including commodity transportation, moving service, logistics transportation, agricultural use, and emergency rescue. Finally, if you are considering purchasing a box truck, it is crucial to consider factors like cargo compartment types, box truck prices, and after-sales services.

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