How Many Tons Can a Dump Truck Haul

How Many Tons Can a Dump Truck Haul

Dump truck – As one of the most widely used types of cargo trucks, it consists of components such as the truck chassis, hydraulic lift system, cargo compartment, and power take-off.
Dump trucks can perfectly meet people’s daily loading, unloading and transportation needs. With its high work efficiency, it has won wide use. Now that the loading capacity of the dump truck is mentioned, do you know how many tons can a dump truck carry? Let’s look down.

How Many Tons Can a Dump Truck Haul

6×4 Dump Truck

How Many Tons Can a Dump Truck Hold?

Dump truck, also called tipper truck. It has a variety of different specifications, let’s take the most common 12-wheel dump truck as an example, its rated load is 38 tons. According to the regulations of some countries, the maximum load capacity of a truck cannot exceed 30% of the rated load capacity, so the maximum load capacity of a 12-wheel dump truck is 49.4 tons.

Depending on the truck engine, its load capacity will also vary. Normally, the load capacity of HOWO 336 hp 12-wheel dump truck is between 15.5 – 20.5 tons, the load capacity of 371 hp dump truck is 40 tons, and the load capacity of 420 hp dump truck is generally above 50 tons. The weight of trucks produced by different manufacturers will vary. The above data refer to Sinotruk HOWO trucks.

Effect of Dump Truck Compartment on Carrying Capacity

The load capacity of a 12-wheel dump truck depends on the horsepower of the heavy truck and the specification of the cargo box. Take the square 12-wheel dump truck compartment as an example, its size is: 7300*2300*1500mm (L*W*H). This common cargo box size has a volume of about 25-30 cubic meters.

Take the 371 hp 12-wheel dump truck produced by Sinotruk as an example. If you choose a 7300*2300*1500mm cargo box, its cargo box volume is about 25 cubic meters, and its load capacity is 40-52 tons.

How Many Tons Can a Dump Truck Haul

420HP Dump Truck

How Many Tons of Gravel In a Dump Truck

After talking about the theoretical load and capacity of the 12-wheel dump truck, let’s take a look at the real capacity of the 12-wheel dump truck when it is carrying goods.

Although the container volume of various 12-wheel dump trucks is similar, the weight of the 12-wheel trucks is also different due to the different densities of the loaded goods. 12-wheel dump trucks are usually used to transport heavy goods such as construction materials and mine stones. If you are transporting dense goods such as sand and gravel. According to their density, it can be roughly calculated that if a 12-wheel dump truck with a cargo compartment of 25 cubic meters is filled, the weight of the vehicle is 37.5 tons. (1.5 tons/m3 x 25 m3 = 37.5 tons) Therefore, a 371 hp 12-wheel dump truck can hold 37.5 tons of gravel.

However, when you transport low-density goods such as construction waste and wood waste, even if the compartment is filled with 25 cubic meters, the weight carried by the truck is still far below its rated load. Therefore, when purchasing a dump truck, you must consider your own factors and choose a suitable dump truck.
If you choose to buy a dump truck from us, you don’t need to worry about it, because our sales manager will recommend you a dump truck that suits you according to your situation.

How Many Tons Can a Dump Truck Haul

12 Wheel Dump Truck

Seeing this, I believe you should have a certain understanding of the carrying capacity of dump trucks. We have to use dump trucks to transport goods in strict accordance with the standard. When loading goods, try not to exceed the height of the truck box to avoid overloading and super height situations. Once overloaded, it will not only affect the service life of the vehicle, but also seriously damage the key components of the truck. And it will increase driving safety hazards.

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