Why is a semi trailer broken?

a semi trailer

Why is a semi trailer broken?

Why is a semi trailer broken

Why is a semi trailer broken?The car broken axles incident has been making up for a while. Many car owners are shocked by this extreme quality problem, for fear of encountering themselves. As a heavy duty model in the logistics transportation industry, the semi trailer will also have serious problems such as a broken shaft? The answer is yes, and the semi trailer will also have a broken axles.

a semi trailer

So what is a semi trailer “broken axles”? Under normal circumstances,fence trailer the probability of directly stiffly cut off from the middle of the axles is very small. Deformation and other situations.

The broken shaft is a very dangerous situation. Especially when a semi trailer is at high speed, once a broken shaft occurs, it is easy to cause the wheels to fly out, fence trailer the vehicle is out of control or the chassis is lost. The phenomenon of the section of the trailer is shocking.

Why does a good shaft appear? The main reason can be divided into two aspects:external factors:

Side collisions: After the collision of the trailer, the chance of a broken shaft is very high after the collision of the trailer. The reason is that this collision power has exceeded the range of the bearing of the axles or the suspension. It is almost necessary to cause a broken axles without a lot of effort.

Turning: If the speed is too fast when the trailer turns, the outer tire may hit the road or guardrail, causing a broken shaft.

Encountered potholes or low obstacles: For example, side dump trailer when you encounter a large pit on the road, or you encounter a limited wide pier, if the speed is fast, the impact of the chassis system is very large, which can easily lead to a broken shaft.

Overload: For transportation trailer, overloads are a very common factor that causes a broken axles. It exceeds the trailer load limit. The pressure undertaken by the chassis parts is too large, and the broken shaft is prone to occur.

Internal factors:

a semi trailer

The material is not up to the standard: The material of the trailer shaft is generally selected for the alloy steel of the intensity.side dump trailer If the manufacturer is greedy for the selection of raw materials, a semi trailer is easy to use the shaft.

Unqualified crafts: In the case of selecting the right raw materials, if the processing process is unreasonable or fails to meet the standards, lowbed trailer the performance of the steel is not fully exerted, and a semi trailer will easily affect the use.

Structural design problems: For components that have higher requirements for the bearing capacity such as bridges and suspensions, lowbed trailer they generally need to undergo strict and professional design. If the structure is unreasonable, a semi trailer is easy to break when stress concentration.

a semi trailer

Old scars: That is, we often say that fatigue breaks, that is, the axles may have no problem with quality,side wall trailer but under long term use, some old scars have occurred. Essence

Manufacturing defects: There are many chassis components in the trailer. If there are defects such as shrinkage and sand eye on the parts, it is likely that it is likely to break the line when it is not subject to external forces.

It can be seen that more than one reason for the phenomenon of broken axles is that the quality problem of the component itself is on the one hand, side wall trailer and the daily use habits of trailer owners are on the other.

When the owner chose a axles or suspension at the beginning, the owner should do a good job of identification.

a semi trailer

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