What is truck three-piece clutch?

Truck clutch

What is truck three-piece clutch?

What is truck three-piece clutch? Symptoms of truck three-piece clutch broken

1.What is the truck clutch three-piece set?

Truck clutch three-piece set refers to

  1. Pressure plate
  2. Friction plate
  3. Separation bearing (also called guide bearing) these three parts.

Truck Clutch disc Friction discs, like the brake discs on wheels, are made of asbestos and copper wire, and have a minimum allowable thickness. They must be replaced after long driving distances

Truck clutch (3)
Truck clutch

2.Truck Clutch separation bearing:

Is an important part of the truck, if the maintenance is not good failure, not only will cause economic losses, but also a very troublesome disassembly, need to spend a lot of time. Therefore, it is of great significance to find out the cause of failure of clutch separation bearing, and to maintain and maintain it reasonably in use, so as to prolong the life of separation bearing, improve labor productivity and achieve better economic benefits.

3.How often to change the trucks clutch three-piece set

How long to replace the truck clutch three-piece set can generally use more than 100,000 kilometers. Therefore, it is better to replace 10W kilometers once.

Truck clutch

4.Symptoms of a three-piece truck clutch failure

When the truck clutch is a three-piece failure cause secondary part of friction loss of, or clutch for a long time in the initial half linkage state, easily lead to premature appear skid phenomenon, the engine can’t passed to transmission system, large output torque of the truck clutch and the driving force behind automobile transmission system cannot get big, will lead to serious car can’t start.
When there is a problem with the truck clutch control mechanism, it will lead to the truck clutch can not be completely separated when needed, at this time the driving truckwill have difficulty in gear; If forced to hang up gear, starting has not lifted the clutch pedal, the truck will move or directly lead to engine flameout.

5.Correct use of truck clutch method: – fast, two slow, three linkage

When lifting the clutch pedal, we should follow the operation principle of “one fast, two slow and three linkage”. Start, when stepping on the clutch pedal action to agile, one foot to the end, so that the clutch completely separated.
The so-called “one fast, two slow, three linkage” is the process of lifting the clutch pedal is divided into three stages, at the beginning of the fast lift, when the clutch pressure plate gradually combined with the semi-linkage, the speed of pedal lifting began to slow down, in the semi-linkage to the full combination of the process, the clutch pedal is slowly lifted. When the clutch pedal is lifted, the accelerator pedal should be stepped down gradually according to the size of the engine power, so that the car can start smoothly. The throttle should be operated smoothly and properly, and should only be increased when the clutch is fully engaged.

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