Comparative advantage of high strength steel in ordinary steel

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Advantage of high strength steel in ordinary steel

Compared with lowbed trailer ordinary-strength steel, lowbed trailerhigh-strength steel has higher yield strength and tensile strength. Therefore, using high-strength steel components to replace ordinary-strength steel components can reduce the section size, save steel consumption, and reduce manufacturing, transportation, and installation costs. The application of high-strength steel can not only reflect higher structural efficiency, but also bring considerable economic and social benefits.

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There are many advantages of lowbed trailer high-strength steel. The research results show that under the same axial compression condition, the steel column using high-strength steel will have the ratio of ultimate stress δu to yield strength fy in terms of overall stability δu/fy (that is, the overall stability. The stability coefficient φ) is much higher than that of ordinary strength steel columns.

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Compared with lowbed trailer ordinary steel, the use of lowbed trailer high-strength steel for steel structures has the following advantages: it can reduce component size and structural weight, correspondingly reduce welding workload and welding material consumption, and reduce the amount of various coatings (rust-proof, fire-proof, etc.), It makes the transportation and installation easier, and reduces the processing, production, transportation and installation costs of the steel structure. lowbed trailer High-strength steel can reduce the amount of steel, thereby greatly reducing the consumption of iron ore resources; the reduction in the amount of welding materials and various coatings (rust-proof, fire-proof, etc.) can also greatly reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources and reduce Damage to the environment from resource extraction.

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