vegetable oil storage tank store vegetable oil

aluminum vegetable oil storage tank trailer

vegetable oil storage tank store vegetable oil

The storage problem of edible oil is not a problem of nutrient loss, but a problem of deterioration of nutrients and non-nutritive active substances. Specifically:

  • Edible oils are mostly vegetable oils rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. These nutrients are easily oxidatively deteriorated to form fatty acid rancidity, and people will experience aging after long-term consumption.
  • Vegetable oils are usually rich in vitamin E, which produces rancid fatty acids that break down vitamin E under high temperature conditions. The nutritional value of this oil is very low.

Carbon steel materials vegetable oil storage tank can be used, but anti-corrosion and nitrogen protection should be done well: Nitrogen-filled protection technology: During the storage process of vegetable oil, long-term contact between oil and air will cause oxidation and reduce the quality of oil products.

aluminum vegetable oil storage tank trailer

Currently, we have designed a vegetable oil storage tank. Nitrogen filling protection system uses inert gas to isolate grease and air to the greatest extent, avoid the effect of oxygen and moisture in the air, and will not deteriorate after long-term storage.

Anti-corrosion treatment in the vegetable oil storage tank: The vegetable oil stored in the vegetable oil storage tank will be affected by metal ions. The inner wall of the vegetable oil storage tank is sprayed with stainless steel, which can prevent corrosion and eliminate the effect of metal ions.

Strictly speaking, edible oil needs to be stored under the conditions of isolation of oxygen, otherwise the oil will gradually oxidize to form aldehydes, ketones and other substances harmful to the human body.

carbon steel vegetable oil storage tank

To prevent cooking oil from spoiling in summer, you can take the following measures:

  • Reasonably choose the container for storing edible oil. When the oil volume is long, choose a ceramic cylinder and minimize the diameter of the container; when the oil volume is small, choose an opaque dark glass.
  • Seal the bottle and store the container in a cool, dark, dry, low temperature place to minimize contact with air and sunlight.
  • The best storage temperature of edible oil is 10-15℃, generally it should not exceed 25℃; it should not contain moisture. Adding 40:1 hot oil to oil can be used to absorb moisture. Of course, it is best to buy and use cooking oil in summer. Store in a dry place in winter.

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