Type classification and characteristics of tractor truck

371hp tractor truck

Type and characteristics of tractor truck

The common driving form of tractor truck is 4X2, 6X2, 6X4, 8X4, etc., the number before “X” represents the total number of vehicle wheels, and the number behind “X” represents the number of driving wheels, and the number of double wheels counts as a wheel, and an axle counts as two wheels. Divide both numbers by 2 to get the number of axles and the number of drive axles. For example, 8X4 means that the car has four axles, two of which are drive axles

Classification of tractor truck

6 x4 (dual drive)

“6 x4”  tractor truck on behalf of the three axis, front axle bridge as the guidance, after two bridge for the drive axle. Driving 6 x4 chassis high bearing capacity, good stability, strong grip, can well adapt to various road, no matter in the slope, sharp, gravel can have very good handling, for a dirt road potholes can rise to the occasion, has some off-road capability. 6 x4 drive mode is Lord of the tractor demand direction, the market proportion is as high as 78%, but also with all the major manufacturers of mainstream products and independent in the high-end products.

6×2 (double guide)

6×2 drive form, that is, only about one out of three axle drive axle of the tractor truck, this kind of drive to reduce weight and reduce the fuel consumption will play its unique role, and there have been more and more tractor truck manufacturers have developed or are developing 6×2 driving form of the tractor truck. The driving form of inspiration from 6×4 (double) displacement using limitations, after the vehicle into the ice and snow road, if the drive is 6 x4 drive truck, in the form of drive axle drive at the same time, because the latter two are easy to cause the wheels under the ice and snow accumulation, increase the resistance between the wheel and debris, serious when even will cause the vehicle PaWo, into 6 x2 driver in the form of a tractor , can lift can lift axle, in order to reduce the resistance between vehicles and ice and snow, this kind of drive can help company save fuel costs.

After6 x2r (improve)

Truck fuel consumption to achieve 5 ~ 10% is dependent on the chassis of various optimization, 6x2r lift bridge drive form is an effective to reduce fuel consumption level. This way of structure light weight; Fuel consumption and economy; No-load tractor driven for ascension bridge state, save some tires; With load transfer function, reduced the single model under special conditions by sexual problems. Compared on one of the most common before 6 x2 double steering vehicle driving stability, security, economy and so on various aspects have to ascend, later will become the mainstream of 6 x2 drive form, instead of traditional double steering before 6×2.

375hp tractor truck

4 x2 (single bridge)

4 x2 said the tractor has four wheels, two of whom were driving wheel. 4 x2 is one of the most common models, front axle is support the steering axle and rear axle drive axle.Models of 4 x2 (single bridge) which have been used for consists car replacement sales continued rapid growth, use all over to hang tractor truck and semi-trailer tractor truck, compared with other forms of drive, this drive form relatively most simple, light structure, suitable for retail, efficiency is higher.

6 x6 (big)

6 x6 (big) is aimed at large transport, in order to better improve the bearing capacity, is its biggest characteristic is to add a rear axle differential lock, let it form a six-wheel drive, also is the so-called 6 x6. Its difficulty and climbing ability get very big promotion, in addition, because of 6 x6 tractor is originally designed and carried a pickup type open compartment, the overall look very domineering. At the same time, in the aspect of military equipment, this drive form will be used in some wheeled armored vehicles.

8 x2

8 x2 refers to a total of eight and half shaft, the back of the two half shaft is a drive shaft, the biggest characteristic is adopted by a single drive + driven ascension bridge approach, compared to the double parallel drive axle can largely improve low load and no load when the wear of the tire. Ascension bridge adopts the design of subsided, reduce friction produced by the bumpy road conditions and driving shaft, gasbag below 6 leaf spring with variable cross-section steel plate suspension, guarantee the stability of the load have enough using lightweight structural design at the same time, the guarantee load performance at the same time effectively reduce weight.

371hp tractor truck

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