Truck Procurement Guide

Truck Procurement Guide

Dump truck:

1. Dumper truck using at mining :

According to your requirements, the engine can be selected from 290 to 420hp. Choosing a short wheelbase improves the strength of the frame and the passability of the dumper truck. For the gearbox, the 9-speed transmission has a larger input torque. For the driving axle, the mining dumper truck driving axle requires double reduction, differential lock and differential. We recommend choosing tires, like radial tires 12.00R20. In order to carry large rocks, you can remove the back door for dumping garbage. The ore dumper truck box body thickness of the steel can be 12mm for the bottom, and 10mm for the side and back to meet the mining requirements. For the dump system, you can choose the middle top or the front top. Usually the length of the dumping body is 4800-

2. Tippertruck for Urban buildings:

These tipper trucks usually travel on city roads with a driving distance of less than 200kms. 336hp or 371hp engine power is the best choice. Choose 6×4 or 8X4 drive according to load capacity. It is better to choose 10-speed or 12-speed gearbox. Double reduction axle, speed ratio from 4.42 to 5.73. Better choice of radial tires. Usually the length of the large box of a 6×4 dump truck is 5600-6000mm; the length of a large box of 8X4 dump truck is from 6200-

3. For transportation distances of more than 200 kilometers:

the tipper trucks drive axle can choose a speed ratio of 4.42 or 4.8, and it is best to use 8X4 to hold more goods. The gearbox can choose 10-speed or 12-speed. The length of the big box is 6200 to 8500mm, and the front top.

4. How to choose a tipping truck lifting system?

Large box capacity: 15cbm-18cbm choose mid-top/front-top lifting system

Large box capacity: 20cbm-30cbm choose front top lift system

Tractor truck:

1. Terminal using tractortruck:

For this type tractor truck the best engine power is 266hp low-speed, high-torque engine. The tractor truck moving speed is lower than 45km/h, and the tractor truck towing weight is 60-120tons.

2. Head truck towing weight is less than 35tons on highway:

logistics company, time is very important. High-speed head trucks are your best choice. Because these head trucks have better road surface and high engine power, they are the best choice, such as 336hp, 371hp, and 420hp. 10 to 16 forward gear aluminum alloy gearbox, with a single-stage reduction drive axle with a speed ratio of less than 4, select inner tubes and radial tires of 295/80R22.5 or 315/80R22.5. The head truck economic speed is 75-105 km/h, and you can also choose to install a deflector, which can reduce air resistance and save fuel.

3. Heavyduty horse truck:

The heavy duty horse truck towing weight is between 50tons and 7otons: It is best to use a horse truck with an engine power of 420hp, a double reduction axle with a larger speed ratio of 4.42 or 4.8, and 11.00R20 and 12.00R20 tires. The horse truck economic speed is 72 km/h

4. Super-heavy tractortruck:

transporting large cargo and towing weight more than 100tons, super-strong frame, engine power 420hp, radial tires, driving speed no more than 55 km/h, large transmission speed ratio 5.73, two-stage reduction axle.

5. Extreme road conditions:

We recommend all-wheel drive trucks, like 4×4, 6×6 or even 8×8, 10×10.

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