Sinotruk Howo Truck Series Production Line Introduce

Sinotruk Howo Truck Series Production Line Introduce

  • HOWO Sinotruk has a full range of R&D and testing capabilities for complete vehicles, engines, parts and materials, and has a variety of high-end, sophisticated and sophisticated equipment for processing, testing, and testing, as well as engine, vehicle, component vibration, strength testing, etc. The HOWO truck production equipment has reached the world advanced level. The  Sinotruk company has established an independent innovation and development system with independent research and development as the mainstay and industry-university-research cooperation as the auxiliary, forming an industry-leading commercial vehicle integration, power system, transmission system, body and styling, automotive electronic control system, etc.
  • Advantages, established a reasonable and complete R&D system for software and hardware such as technology management, design and development, pilot production and test testing, and set up an innovative R&D platform that can carry out multiple platform projects at the same time. The HOWO truck R&D level is in line with international standards, and the key assembly The parts are close to the international level.

  • The quality of a truck not only depends on the development process, but also requires the guarantee of the manufacturing process. Sinotruk invested a lot of money to upgrade the stamping, welding and coating production lines of China Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. To ensure that the HOWO series products, especially the high-end heavy truck HOWO truck, have first-class quality.
  • On May 11th, the reporter visited the stamping, welding, coating, and final assembly production lines that condensed China Heavy Duty Truck’s decades of production experience and management wisdom. The highly automated stamping and welding production line, the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly painting line, and the busy and orderly assembly production line made reporters feel refreshed.

Sinotruk fully automatic stamping production line

  • In the press shop, the reporter noticed that, except for a small number of workers on-site for the transmission of large covering parts, all other feeding and stamping are completed by the linkage of the robot and the punching machine. Each robot at each station has an independent control cabinet and a color display screen. The operator can easily adjust and modify the operating procedures. It has functions such as free turning of the profiled parts and automatic replacement of the end picker. The person in charge of the site told reporters that the improvement of the automation level of the stamping line has not only greatly improved the production efficiency, but also made the quality of stamping parts more stable. It is said that this is the first fully automatic stamping production line in my country’s heavy truck industry. The production line is put into use, which is a great improvement in the equipment level of my country’s heavy truck enterprises.
  • In the welding shop, robots are everywhere. As an important part of the national “863” plan “heavy-duty vehicle integrated development technology”, the welding line has created good conditions for building high-quality luxury A7 cabs. High efficiency and automation are the highlights of the welding production line. It is understood that, in order to ensure the realization of co-line production of different models on the Haolu A7 basic model, the transmission device and fixtures of the welding line adopt a flexible design, and the flexible production of different models can be realized through electrical control.
  • In the painting workshop, the reporter saw the working process of the painting production line through the bright large glass. According to reports, the investment of this painting production line is as high as 250 million yuan. Through the body recognition system, the automatic identification of the cab, the management of information statistics and reports, and the color separation of the paint can be realized, and the whole process can be automatically monitored. The production line information management system can be connected with the production scheduling management system, which has a high level of automation control.

  • “This production line embodies the concepts of green, energy saving, environmental protection and health.” The person in charge of the painting workshop told reporters that the characteristics of the painting line are high spraying speed, wide range, high quality, and high paint utilization. The pretreatment of coating adopts non-phosphorus degreasing agent and less slag phosphating agent to minimize the phosphorus pollution of coating. The application of environmentally friendly electrophoretic coatings, combined with the large-angle swing of Japanese Dafuku tooling fixtures, can ensure good anti-corrosion performance inside and outside the cab. The use of multi-stage filtration and countercurrent water washing technology realizes the efficient recovery of electrophoretic paint and close to zero pollution discharge of washing water.
  • The process layout of the paint shop is also remarkable, creating the best record of domestic investment utilization rate, production area utilization rate and space utilization rate of similar coating lines in China. The person in charge of the scene told reporters that the paint shop can complete the painting of a cab every 4 minutes.
  • During the visit, the reporter met a customer from a transportation company in Qingdao. They originally planned to buy 100 HOWO heavy trucks, but they took a fancy to HOWO A7 during the field visit. They said that HOWO A7 deserves to be “famous”. Seeing such an advanced production line, their interest in HOWO A7 is growing.

  • Sinotruk has a world-class heavy-duty vehicle technology research and development center. China National Heavy Duty HOWO Truck has made great efforts in product development and innovation, improved the technological content, innovation level and competitiveness of its products, and made full use of its own technological advantages. It developed the Flying Dragon series in 2001 and the Steyr King series in 2002. It was successful in 2003. Developed the Yellow River Prince series, successfully developed HOWO-7 series, Yellow River Marshal and Steyr Ш series in 2004, and successfully developed HOWO-8 series, Steyr Haojun series, and Golden Prince series in 2005. , Yellow River General series, while developing the whole vehicle, it has developed world-class single-stage drive axles, retarders and heavy chuck brakes and other important assemblies, and has continuously achieved new developments in special vehicles, special vehicles, and passenger cars.
  • It has made a breakthrough and now has more than 1,200 models of various types, and has become a heavy-duty vehicle manufacturer with the most comprehensive drive styles and the most tonnage varieties in China. In particular, the successful development of the HOWO-7 series has had a huge impact on the heavy truck industry at home and abroad. It has been hailed as the “heavy truck leader” by the industry, which has opened up the distance from the main competitors and consolidated the technological leadership of Sinotruk. And market position. After more than four years of hard work, China National Heavy Duty Truck has reached three national firsts: the national sales volume of tractors, the national sales volume of high-power engines above 300 horsepower, and the national sales volume of heavy-duty vehicles equipped with engines of more than 10 liters.
  • Now, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group has many advantages in technology, brand, cost, price, talents and network. It integrates scientific research, development, production, sales and service. It is a backbone enterprise in China’s heavy-duty truck production. At the same time, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group has made full use of the link of capital to enter multiple industries and has achieved substantial returns. In the 2005 China National Machinery Top 500 announced on July 15, 2005, China National Heavy Duty Truck was ranked 17th, and China National Heavy Duty Truck was ranked 15th among China National Machinery’s top 500 companies.


Q1: I want the tires are radial tires, is it okay?

A: We can make the tires as your requirement to suit your country’s need.

Q2: How to guarantee customers get the goods smoothly after they pay ?

A: We had joined the trade assurance. you can place the order by trade
assurance, and the deposit will given to Alibaba. if we don’t delivery products on
time, the deposit will return to you.

Q 3:What about your products quality ?

A: Quality is our culture! ”Our factory has advanced production technology and
management team!
We always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning!

Q 4: What others we can do ?

A: According to your order, we will provide the best price and quality trucks and
And we are well capable in offering overseas after-sales service. Besides, we also
provide rational packing and shipping program,let shipment save money and security.

Q 5: Can i have samples of this type of flatbed semi trailer to test the quality ?

A: Yes, you can buy any samples to test the quality,our MOQ is 1 unit.

Q 6: What’s the delivery time ?

A: The delivery time is within 15 working days after receiving your advance payment.

Q7:What are the truck spare parts we may need the most?

A:Such as oil filter , fuel filter , air filter these quick-wear spare parts. If you need, I can help you buy these spare parts and arrange shipping together with your trucks

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