Do You Know These Maintenance Matters?

Do You Know These Maintenance Matters?

With the implementation of the national six emissions, there are more and more national six models on the market, truckers are also aware of the delicate national six engine, daily to strengthen the maintenance of its. The trucking community has always said that “vehicles are seven parts maintenance and three parts repair”, which shows the importance of their maintenance. This issue of the truck home summary of some of the national six models maintenance considerations, I hope to bring some help to the national six owners.

The National 6 is more expensive because of the aftertreatment system.

China’s diesel engine emission standards can be said to have gone through six stages, national one and two engines are considered to be mechanical products, as long as the engine can work properly. At the National III stage, the engine is equipped with an electronically controlled fuel injection system, which can precisely control the amount of fuel injection and thus meet the emission regulation requirements. National IV engines are treated with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology.

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