Shacman truck F3000 8×4 dump truck is based on the powerful R&D capabilities of “National Enterprise Technology Center and Post-Doctoral Research Workstation” by Shaanxi Automobile. Patented technology is designed into a large-capacity, lighter tare top box. The whole dump truck has the characteristics of lightweight, economical and practical, high strength, etc., and is especially suitable for transporting large-capacity coal, sand and gravel materials on high-efficiency roads. It has three major advantages: lighter weight, higher transportation efficiency, and safety and reliability.

  1. The frame of Shacman truck F3000 8×4 dump truck adopts high-strength steel plates. It has passed the international leading CAE analysis and finite element topology optimization. The new frame structure design, double-layer pressure, one-time forming, the beam lined by Optimized from 7mm to 5mm, the structure is more reasonable, the center of gravity is lower, the dead weight is lighter, and the bearing capacity is stronger. Adopting SIS suspension system, combined with Hande MAN technology lightweight front axle and Steyr technology drive axle, the load capacity is far better than the domestic lightweight dump trucks of the same level.
  2. Lightweight transmission shaft, aluminum alloy air storage cylinder and fuel tank application, lighter weight. The entire carriage is made of imported high-strength sheet metal. The side panels of the carriage are formed by one-step punching, which is nearly 2 tons lighter than the ordinary sheet metal box, and its strength is increased by 3.2 times. The weight of the vehicle reaches 13.5 tons.
  3. Shacman truck F3000 8×4 dump truck is equipped with Weichai Landking WP10 series high-horsepower engine, with high low-speed torque, strong heavy-duty gradeability, and power covering 240-375 horsepower. It is equipped with the latest German Bosch BOSCH high-pressure common rail system and Built-in EGR technology, intelligent ECU accurately controls fuel injection, up to 1600 bar fuel injection pressure, fuel atomization effect is greatly improved, diesel fuel combustion is more fully, with multi-power fuel-saving switch, water-relief filter, fuel-saving constant temperature fan and advanced fuel-saving switch The cylinder technology is perfectly matched, and the fuel economy is better, the combustion efficiency is increased by 10%, and the fuel economy is better.
  4. The whole vehicle has a new optimization and matching of the transmission system through the international advanced CRUISE software, matching Fast 9-speed gearbox, unique main and auxiliary box double countershaft structure, Handstyr technology drive axle, and higher transmission efficiency. The large box has a small dead weight and a low center of gravity, thereby increasing the effective load of the vehicle, improving driving stability, reducing fuel consumption per unit payload, reducing tire wear, low resistance to material sliding, fast unloading, and effectively reducing material transportation costs , Improve the efficiency of vehicle transportation.

  • Shacman truck F3000 8×4 dump truck adopts VISTEON car interior, pure natural negative ion fiber fabric, air conditioning timed external circulation, activated carbon air filter clean and fresh, and user health is concerned; brand new titanium alloy texture instrument Taiwan, German Continental (Continental) VDO instrument, imported CAN bus for timely display of vehicle faults, VOSS quick plug-in system, air seat with armrests, Φ450 small steering wheel control system, convenient control. The cab MAN original mold, robot laser seamless welding technology, the only domestic heavy truck that has truly passed the European “ECE-R29” strict collision test detection standard; a new type of fuel anti-theft alarm, real-time monitoring of fuel changes.
  • Shacman truck F3000 8×4 dump truck has reliable performance and easy operation. The unique WEVB engine braking system increases the braking efficiency by more than 55%, allowing users to be safe and worry-free during transportation.
  • Shacman dump truck natural gas pioneer heavy truck is based on the two major advantages of Shaanxi Automobile’s use of the mature platform of Austrian Steyr heavy trucks and the leading technology of German MAN heavy trucks. Natural gas heavy truck research and development technology, matching top-level natural gas power system and mature and stable gas supply system, combined with the different working conditions of China’s natural gas heavy trucks, provide users with personalized, full life cycle transportation solutions, with leading technology and long battery life, economical, efficient and safe Environmental protection, professional services, timely and intimate three characteristics.
  • The models cover three types of traction, dump, and cargo. The power ranges from 210 hp to 380 hp. It is equipped with Weichai’s new Landking series gas engine. According to the principle of optimal matching, the domestic technology is most mature and the most reliable gas supply system is selected. . In 2012, this series of products has gained huge market recognition in Xinjiang and other regions.

  1. In early June, Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck embarked on the journey of climbing Mount Everest. Starting from Lhasa to Shigatse, the whole journey is more than 1,500 kilometers, and will cross many peaks above 5,000 meters in the middle. Low temperature, hypoxia, and continuous uphill driving will also bring more stringent tests to product quality. Previous plateau tests required vehicles to be tested in an environment above 4000 meters above sea level, but this time Shaanxi Automobile set the average test altitude above 5000 meters above sea level, and strives to start from the Tibet Mountaineering Team Everest base camp at 5200 meters above sea level. 6000 meters launched a challenge.
  2. The second step of “challenging the three highs” is to move to Turpan to challenge the high-heat environment. The requirement for high heat test is usually above 40 degrees Celsius. Shaanxi Automobile upgraded it to 50 degrees Celsius to test the adaptability of the vehicle’s air conditioning, electronic systems, and cab insulation and ventilation.

Finally, Shaanxi Automobile will drive to Mohe, the northernmost tip of China, at the end of the year to challenge the high cold. Similarly, they upgraded the test environment from minus 30 degrees Celsius to minus 40 degrees Celsius to test engine cold start, defrosting and demisting, air conditioning and heating, ABS performance, etc.

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