How Many Gallons does a Tanker Truck Hold?

How Many Gallons does a Tanker Truck Hold

Tanker truck is a general term for a fuel transport truck. Depending on the medium and configuration of tanker truck transportation, its name is also different. Simply put, tanker trucks can be divided into two types according to different functions: oil transport trucks and refueling trucks. In addition, according to the different transport media, tanker trucks also have tank trucks with heat insulation function and non-heat insulation tank trucks.
As a truck specialized in transporting liquids, its volume is an important parameter. So you know how many gallons in a tanker truck?

How Many Gallons is a Tanker Truck?

A tanker truck is composed of a truck chassis and an oil storage tank. The transport capacity of a tanker truck is related to the load-bearing capacity of the truck and the size of the fuel tank. According to the volume, tanker trucks can be divided into three types: small tanker trucks, medium tanker trucks, and large tanker trucks. It is very important to choose the matching tanker truck according to the required carrying capacity. The following lists the volumes corresponding to the tanker trucks of different specifications given by the factory. You can refer to it according to your own situation before buying a tanker truck.

How Many Gallons does a Tanker Truck Hold

4×2 Tanker Truck

How Many Gallons does a Tanker Truck Hold

6×4 Tanker Truck

How Many Gallons does a Tanker Truck Hold

8×4 Tanker Truck

Light tanker truck:

Light tanker trucks are usually equipped with a 160hp or 260hp engine and use a 4×2 drive form. Light tanker trucks can hold 1320-2640 gallons. Used for the distribution of small amounts of fuel, commonly found in factories and construction sites.

Medium tanker truck:

A medium tanker truck is usually equipped with a 371hp engine and uses a 6×4 drive form. Medium tanker trucks have a capacity of 2640-6600 gallons. It can be used to refuel multiple worksites or take care of oil transportation operations.

Heavy tanker truck:

Heavy-duty tanker trucks usually use a 371hp engine and are driven in an 8×4 form. Heavy-duty tanker trucks have a capacity of 6600-9250 gallons. It is mainly used for medium and long-distance oil distribution in gas stations or large factories.

How Many Gallons does a Tanker Truck Hold

How Many Litres in a Tanker Truck

  • The size of the 4×2 tanker truck is 8600x2500x2500mm, and it can hold 5000-10000L of fuel
  • The size of the 6×4 tanker truck is 9350x2550x3300mm, and it can hold 10000-25000L of fuel
  • The size of the 8×4 tanker truck is 10750x2550x3300mm, and it can hold 25000-35000L of fuel

The capacity and size of the tank truck should be within the scope of standardized regulations. Before choosing and purchasing a tank truck, you should first understand the local laws and regulations. Then refer to the parameters given in this article to choose. You can also contact us directly, we know exactly which tank truck is suitable for you. We can also customize the tank volume of the tanker according to your requirements within the scope of your local laws.

How Many Gallons does a Tanker Truck Hold

How Many Gallons Does a Semi Truck Hold

How many gallons does a semi truck hold? This question generally refers to “semi truck fuel tank capacity”. Semi-trucks are also called tractor trucks, which are generally used for long-distance semi-trailer traction and transportation. Because the transportation distance span is very long, the fuel tank volume of the semi-truck is designed to be very large. When you buy a HOWO towing truck, the standard fuel tank is a 105 gallon fuel tank.

How Many Gallons Does a Semi Truck Hold

If you buy a semi truck from us, we can also customize a larger volume fuel tank for you. Custom semi truck fuel tanks hold 105-400 gallons of diesel. This is the theoretical maximum capacity of a semi truck fuel tank.
In fact, we don’t recommend filling up your semi truck’s tank when you go to fill up. When refueling, only add up to 95% of the maximum capacity of the semi-truck fuel tank.The reason is that the oil at the gas station is kept below the surface, where it is cooler. Especially in hot summer, due to heat expansion and contraction, if it is overfilled, it may overflow from the vent hole. Not only will it cause waste, but also it is easy to catch fire when encountering an open flame.

How Many Gallons in a Tanker Trailer

In addition to the tank truck mentioned above, there is also a tanker trailer specially used to transport liquids. The volume of the fuel tanker trailer is larger, and the tank body of the fuel tanker is directly pulled by the tractor. When you need to transport a lot of fuel, the fuel tanker trailer is more efficient, and a fuel tanker trailer can hold 15,000 gallons of oil. It can meet the long-distance transportation needs of a large number of oil products, and is often used for the transportation of refined oil from refineries to large gas stations.

How Many Gallons does a Tanker Truck Hold

15000 Gallon Tanker Trailer


In general, different specifications of tanker trucks can hold 1320-9250 gallons of oil. That is to say, tanker trucks of different specifications can have a volume of 5000-35000 liters. If you have larger fuel transportation needs, a tanker trailer is an option. The volume of the tanker trailer can reach more than 15,000 gallons, which can transport more fuel at one time. Transportation using a tanker trailer requires the use of a semi-truck. The advantage of this combination is that the semi-truck has a larger fuel tank and is more suitable for long-distance transportation. A normal semi-truck fuel tank can hold 105 gallons of diesel fuel, and the maximum support is a customized fuel tank with a volume of 400 gallons.

We sell different specifications of tank trucks and other kinds of trucks, and also produce and sell different kinds of semi-trailers, if you need, please feel free to contact us.

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