What is the Lowbed Semi Trailer Maintenance Tips

3axle Lowbed Semi Trailer

What is the Lowbed Semi Trailer Maintenance Tips

Lowbed semi trailer maintenance tips in spring

Spring is coming, everything is alive, the earth is green, and our Lowbed semi trailer maintenance tips are needed. For Lowbed semi trailer anti-freezing is not the key, spring rain is more, we need to maintain the lowbed semi trailer according to seasonal changes.

3axle Lowbed Semi Trailer

One, the main parts of spring Lowbed semi trailer maintenance tips Lowbed semi trailer paint: acid in the rain will damage the lowbed semi trailer paint, should develop the habit of washing the lowbed semi trailer after the rain wax. Interior: the cleaning of interior is the important work of changing season, clean and comfortable interior brings you a new feeling. Oil: if the viscosity of the oil you are using is too high, you should change to summer oil in time. Battery: check whether the working performance of the battery is good, if necessary, go to the maintenance station to do the test.

Chrome-plated appearance should also be often scrubbed to maintain its brightness, when Lowbed semi trailer maintenance tips is found that the chrome-plated surface has been scratched, Lowbed semi trailer maintenance tipsshould be sealed in time to prevent corrosion from continuing to expand.Spring outdoor dust, catkins more, so cleaning work is an important part of daily lowbed semi trailere.Chassis: after driving to go on a trip during long vacation, check chassis lowbed semi trailerefully whether there is abrade, if there should be timely repair, Lowbed semi trailer maintenance tips do a good job of sealing rust prevention. Cooling system: clean engine water jacket, remove scale in cooling system, test and debug the efficiency of thermostat.Tires: Lowbed semi trailer maintenance tips are one of the parts of the driving tour without complaining, so after the trip back to the Lowbed semi trailer maintenance tipsmaintenance tips must do a system maintenance work, Lowbed semi trailer maintenance tipsis best to do a four-wheel positioning.

Second, the cleanLowbed semi trailer maintenance tips interior cleaning Clean each corner of the dashboard with a towel or sponge dipped in soapy water or cleaning agent. The first cleaning chemical fiber appearance with a cleaner will suck up the dust, and then use special textile detergent to soak for a few minutes, to be dissolved dust, and then wipe clean with a towel. If there is no special cleaner can be replaced with soapy water or dishwashing liquid.Leather products can be washed with a little water towel, pay attention to the use of leather protective products, inferior protective products not only can not play a protective role, but also cause damage to leather.

3axle Lowbed Semi Trailer

Corrosion protection:

Spring temperature rise, coupled with humid air, the golden season for Lowbed semi trailer maintenance tips of all kinds of germs, so we should pay special attention to the indoor anti-bacterial work of the lowbed semi trailer, adhere to the seat to keep dry and clean, especially for the Lowbed semi trailer maintenance tips, mat, lowbed semi trailerpet, air outlet these health dead spots to do a good job of cleaning. Regular cleaning and sorting of debris in the trunk, to prevent long-term mildew and smell.

Third, check

Check your lowbed semi trailer regularly to find potential faults in time and prevent them from happening. At the same time, it also enables you to better understand the habits of your Lowbed semi trailer maintenance tips maintenance tips and teach it to the best condition.

Check the oil, brake oil, such as the lack of timely supplement.

⑵ Check whether the fan belt is damaged or broken and adjust the tightness of the belt.

(3) Check the tire pressure, tread wear, nut loose phenomenon. If driving feels off-track or swing, go to the pit station for four-wheel positioning or dynamic balance check.

Check whether there is oil leakage and water leakage in the chassis.

⑸ check the connection of the whole vehicle wiring harness, there are wireless skin cracking, loose, poor contact and other phenomena.

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