The Most Complete Used Tractor Truck Buying Guide

The Most Complete Used Tractor Truck Buying Guide

The Most Complete Used Tractor Truck Buying Guide

The high cost-effectiveness of used tractor trucks makes it a prime target for many novice drivers who are just starting out or experienced drivers who want to change vehicles. But unlike new cars, used tractor trucks may have many hidden dangers that are easily overlooked. Small details that are inadvertently ignored when choosing a car may cause big trouble when using the car in the future.

The following is a buying guide for second-hand tractors that we have compiled through years of experience in exporting new and second-hand cars, hoping to help you choose high-quality second-hand tractor trucks to the greatest extent possible.

The Most Complete Used Tractor Truck Buying Guide

1. Determine the required configuration

First, carefully consider your needs before buying a used tractor truck and choose the most suitable configuration for your purpose. Only when the required configuration is clarified, the scope can be narrowed and the model that meets the needs can be finally selected. This way, you know in advance which tractor brand, configuration and price will meet your requirements. When buying a used tractor, you should pay attention to the configuration: engine, gearbox, maximum horsepower, drive type, fuel type, total towing mass, etc.

2. Check the documents of the used tractor truck

The truck’s power, engine brand, and emission standards are the primary considerations. These are marked on the registration certificate and on the tractor nameplate, ensuring that all parameters are consistent. We also need to know what model we need, and other factors including the type and age of the tractor.

3. Check whether the cab is modified

Need to check if the cab has been modified. You can also check the factory steel stamp of the cab, the color of the paint, and whether the sleeper and seat cushion are dismantled. Check whether the rubber surface at the leather strip of the door seam is neat, and the removal marks of the nut.

The Most Complete Used Tractor Truck Buying Guide

4. Check the condition of the car

The most important thing is to check the condition of the used tractor truck. You can roughly judge whether the target car has been replaced and repaired by the age of the car. Then check the engine and transmission for oil leaks. There is no obvious deformation of the chassis frame. Is the frame damaged or severely twisted? Does the frame number match other documents? Has the suspension system been replaced? Are all the same type of screws on the girders the same? The attached lines, electrical connectors, and gas valve bodies are checked for abnormal wear. These can be confirmed by pictures and videos to the seller.

5. Check the wear of the tractor parts

The Most Complete Used Tractor Truck Buying Guide

The rear axle and leaf spring are very important to the bearing capacity of the tractor. Remember to check the number of leaf springs and the wear of the upper and lower fixed parts of the leaf spring to determine the daily loading condition of the tractor, and check whether the rear axle is welded or cracked.

6. Choose a reliable supplier

Finally, I want to remind you that when buying used tractor trucks, choose a reliable used truck supplier. A good supplier should have more than 5 years of export experience, not only will it be more professional, but also know how to make you save money on buying used tractors. For example, our company has nearly ten years of experience in exporting trucks and tractors. You can tell us your needs, and we will recommend the most suitable used tractor trucks for you.

In addition, reasonable loading is very important. Avoid loading too high and too wide, which will increase the wind resistance of the truck, resulting in higher fuel consumption. The wind resistance can also be reduced by appropriately reducing the speed in case of headwind. The purpose of reducing wind resistance can be better achieved by installing a deflector on the roof.

The above are the points to pay attention to when buying second-hand tractors. The water of second-hand tractors is very deep. When buying, you must keep your eyes open. You can ask the merchants for some pictures and videos to observe the condition and condition of the second-hand tractor. Choose a reliable supplier to avoid being deceived.

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