Do you know truck accessories – Semi Truck Fifth Wheel?

Semi Truck Fifth Wheel

Do you know truck accessories
– Semi Truck Fifth Wheel?

When we buy trucks, what are the most common factors we pay attention to? You might say axle, engine, transmission and cab configurations. In fact, there is a spare part that is easy to be ignored. Although this spare part is not attractive and the material is simple, it has a huge role and is an essential component for connecting trailers – Semi Truck Fifth Wheel.

As we all know, the semi fifth wheel accessory was invented in 1911. Over the years, each fifth wheel has its own usage scenario. Next, let’s have a detailed understanding of the definition and classification of saddles!

Do you know truck accessories - Semi Truck Fifth Wheel?

Definition of Semi Truck Fifth Wheel:

the fifth wheel of a tractor is a horseshoe shaped wear-resistant steel plate that can swing.

Do you know truck accessories - Semi Truck Fifth Wheel?

There is an incomplete semicircle hole in the center of the Fifth wheel, which is made of high-strength steel. The U-shaped plate is made of 2cm thick forging under the hole. The 2cm thick and 15cm wide forged steel baffle is behind the U-shaped plate and can move left and right in the fixed groove. When the King pin of the trailer enters the semicircular hole, the U-shaped plate opening will rotate to the side. At the same time, the tailgate will automatically return to the original position due to the existence of the spring, so that the King pin of the trailer is firmly fixed between the U-shaped plate and the semicircular hole.

Structure of the 5th Wheel Truck: mainly composed of five parts

  1. Saddle body: The saddle body is the main part of the 5th wheel truck, which is mainly composed of saddle cover plate, front frame plate, rear frame plate, M-shaped frame plate, inner ear of the frame, outer ear of the frame, U-shaped plate, tail slide cover plate, etc.
  2. Support: The support is mainly used for fixing, which is usually connected by the bottom plate of the 5th wheel truck and the girder of the trailer.
  3. Tie rod: The main function of the tie rod is to control the lateral movement of the inclined iron, so as to separate the King pin from the Semi Truck Fifth Wheel. When the vehicle is running, the fixed pull rod can ensure the stability of the vehicle.
  4. Inclined iron: The horizontal movement of the inclined iron is controlled by the pull rod to help the locking hook rotate a certain angle to lock and separate the King pin.
  5. Locking hook:When the inclined iron is in a proper position, the U-shaped locking hook will be pulled by the spring and then rotate around the truck fifth wheel for a certain angle to lock and disengage the King pin.

Classification: Stamped Fifth Wheel and Cast Fifth Wheel

Stamping Fifth Wheel: our most common form of Fifth Wheel.

Punch type truck fifth wheel is made by stamping process. This kind of fifth wheel only has ordinary traction function and can only swing back and forth in one direction. The biggest advantage of this kind of fifth wheel is its low cost, light weight and high cost performance. However, due to the influence of manufacturing process, raw materials and other factors, the durability of this kind of fifth wheel is relatively poor.

Stamping saddles can meet the requirements of ordinary cargo transportation, and may be damaged due to impact if trailers are frequently connected and separated under harsh working conditions.

Cast Truck Saddle: mainly used for high-end models.

In foreign or some domestic high-end models, the truck saddle is manufactured by casting process. Such saddle panels are integrally cast and molded, which have higher strength and durability than the stamping process. The consequence of improved durability is increased weight. The characteristics of casting truck saddle make it more suitable for the transportation of swing or heavy load.

Do you know truck accessories - Semi Truck Fifth Wheel?
Do you know truck accessories - Semi Truck Fifth Wheel?

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