What are the driving skills of semi trailers in summer?

the driving skills of semi trailers

What are the driving skills of semi trailers in summer?

the driving skills of semi trailers in summer

the driving skills of semi trailers in summer,Don’t brake or avoid when you meet the stagnant water.

Control the speed and pay attention to road conditions.

Choose safe pavement, do not brake or turn in the direction when driving easily.

the driving skills of semi trailers

When encountering heavy rain, the wiper should be parked in a safe position when the wiper has lost its effect and opened the double flash. Side Loader Container Trailer the driving skills of semi trailers,When the wading through the pavement, be sure to get off the trailer to observe the depth of the pavement water. It is based on not drowning the exhaust pipe or half of the tires. Or parking, if you turn off the flames, Side Loader Container Trailer do not fire again. Move the trailer to a safe pavement or wait for rescue.

Explosion-proof tires: Check the tire pressure at any time, and find that the tire is overheated and the air pressure is too high.

Anti-water deficiency: Park it immediately when you find that the water is short, and run the idle speed, but you should not add water immediately. You should wait for the idle speed to cool down the water before replenishing the water. Be careful not to open the water tank cover immediately to prevent burns.

Anti-slip: Frequent inspection of the work of the pump and the tension of the fan belt, the tighter the belt is better. Do not stick oil on the fan belt to prevent the fan belt from slipping. Pay attention to the leakage of water pumps.

Anti-leakage: For the battery used on the trailer, due to the high temperature in summer and the large evaporation,fence cargo trailer the driving skills of semi trailers the electrolyte water continues to decrease with the increasing evaporation, so distilled water should be supplemented in time.

1.Prevent the engine from overheating

(1) In the summer, the inspection and maintenance of the semi trailer engine cooling system should be strengthened, and it should be removed in time to remove the mixed objects between the heat sink,

the driving skills of semi trailers

check the working performance of the thermostat, the pump, fence cargo trailer and the heat dissipation fan. Driving at high temperature weather, the anti-freezing solution of the engine is accelerated, so the amount of coolant should be checked according to the mark on the antifreeze storage tank. When lacking,

(2)add to pay attention to the water temperature meter at all times during driving. Park and open the engine compartment heat dissipation; if the engine has “opened the pot”,side wall trailer be careful not to add water immediately to avoid the engine cylinder burst; the driving skills of semi trailers,when the heat sink is opened, it must be carefully proceed. In order to slowly discharge the steam inside the cooling system to prevent burns.

the driving skills of semi trailers

2.Prevent the engine from poor lubrication

The oil viscosity of the temperature drops rapidly and the lubrication ability decreases. Therefore, you should choose lubricating oil suitable for summer, the driving skills of semi trailers regularly check the quality of lubricating oil, side wall trailer and add or replace it in time.

3.Prevent fuel “gas resistance”

The heat dissipation speed of the engine compartment in summer is very slow. If the flatbed trailer is often used in the city and the driving speed is slow, the engine is prone to the “gas resistance” of the fuel system, which will cause the vehicle to start or accelerate. the driving skills of semi trailers ,Once “gas resistance” occurs, flatbed trailer the driver should immediately stop the car in a cool place to cool down.

Fourth, prevent the battery fluid from being too low

the driving skills of semi trailers

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