Skeleton semi trailer sent to Guinea

Skeleton semi trailer

Skeleton semi trailer sent to Guinea

Skeleton semi trailer sent to Guinea

We have Skeleton semi trailer sent to Guinea, I will introduce the relevant knowledge of Skeleton semi trailer to you.

As the saying goes: Good horses with good saddle, Skeleton semi trailer this sentence is also applicable to Skeleton semi trailer. For semi trailers, bridges are a very critical part that is related to the load, braking and driving of the vehicle. What kind of bridge choice is essential for the stability, safety and economy of the trailer.

Skeleton semi trailer

We will make a detailed analysis of the Skeleton semi trailer rear tire, introduce the components of the tire, and the key technologies and processes in the production process of the tire.

The picture above is a simple picture of the ordinary drum tire. From the figure,Skeleton semi trailer we can clearly see the main components and positions of the bridge. Generally speaking, the rear bridge of the Skeleton semi trailer is mainly composed of axis assembly, camshaft assembly, braking assembly,Skeleton semi trailer shaft end assembly and opening sales, adjustment arm, various pads, nuts and bolts.

Shaft assembly:

It mainly includes shaft body, braking bottom plate, Skeleton semi trailer spherical bearing seat, gas chamber seat, etc. It is located in the center of the tire and connects the trailer on both sides. It belongs to the semi finished product of the tire.

The axles body, which is often referred to as the owners, connects the tire through the wheel assembly at both ends, connects the frame through the suspension system in the middle, and above the frame is the main position of the cargo loading. Therefore Strong and weak, directly determine the size of the bearing capacity of the semi trailer, and it is also an important performance parameter for the owner to choose the trailer shaft product.

Camshaft assembly:

It mainly includes camshafts, camshaft head pads, camshaft bans, camshaft skeleton oil seals, camshaft pads, camshaft shafts, sphere bearing bolts and nuts, spherical bearing, oil cup lids, etc.

Braking assembly:

It mainly includes braking hoof rollers, brake hoof reset spring, brake hoofing spring, braking hoof support underwriting, spring fixed sales, braking hoof, brake friction tablets, etc.

Skeleton semi trailer

For drum-type tire, braking hoofs are the main friction puppets. In addition to having the required strength and stiffness, they must also have high and stable friction coefficients as much as possible, as well as appropriate wear resistance and resistance to resistance and resistance of resistance. Heat, heat dissipation and thermal capacity.

Rugate assembly:

It mainly includes trailer cover, wheel cover, bearing, wheel bolts and nuts, trailer, brake drums, trailer oil sealing, dust cover, lubricating fat, etc.

The trailer assembly is the main part that requires regular maintenance and maintenance on the tire. Generally speaking,Skeleton semi trailer every 50,000 kilometers of trailers need to be maintained at the trailer bearing to ensure that the bearings and wheels are maintained. The maintenance cycle of maintenance can reach 30W or 50w.

Skeleton semi trailer

Although the semi trailer rear tire is simple, the number of parts can be large and complicated. There is a problem with any part of the parts, Skeleton semi trailer such as unqualified quality or irregular installation, which may have a direct impact on the overall performance of the trailer. It will even cause serious accidents such as broken shafts, axis head fire, tire flying out, braking failure, and vehicle lying nest.

We all know that if you want to build a high rise building stable and high, the foundation must be beaten. The axles head is like a foundation. No matter which process is the procedure of the machining parameters, size, accuracy, etc., it is mastered. Only the braking drum can exert a stable performance.

Skeleton semi trailer

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