How to dump shacman dump truck?

shacman dump truck

How to dump shacman dump truck?

How to dump shacman dump truck

shacman dump truck lightweight Delong F3000 8×4 dump truck is based on the strong R&D capabilities of Shaanxi Auto’s “National Enterprise Technology Center and Post doctoral Research Station”, and cooperates with well known European heavy duty truck design companies to select a new generation of high strength and lightweight materials in China. The patented technology is designed into a large capacity, lighter tare top loading box. The whole vehicle has the characteristics of lightweight, economical and practical, high strength, etc. shacman dump truck is especially suitable for transporting large capacity coal, sand and gravel materials on high efficiency roads. It has three advantages: lighter weight, higher transportation efficiency, and safety and reliability.

shacman dump truck

shacman dump truck Delong F3000 Dump Truck Lifting Steps:

Engage the power take off, then shift to 2nd gear, and move the manual valve from the middle stop position to the lift station.

During the lifting process, the handle can be moved to the middle stop position at any time, so that the large box can stop at any position. After the large box reaches the limit position, the deflection of the oil cylinder will touch the limit valve and automatically stop the lifting.

Finally, move the handle to the lowering station to realize the drop of the large box;shacman dump truck without repeated lifting, the power take-off can be stopped to stop the gear pump.

Dump truck maintenance:

Maintenance of the hydraulic system:

The biggest feature of the dump truck is that its hydraulic system can complete the lifting of the car body. If there is a problem with the hydraulic system, shacman dump truck solve it as soon as possible to avoid more unnecessary problems.

For example, if there is a problem that the dump truck is difficult to lift, it is likely to be caused by the following reasons: insufficient fuel in the fuel tank, serious blockage of the fuel tank filter or pipeline, failure of the fuel pump and no fuel supply, or blocked lift switch. , Leakage of high pressure oil pump, insufficient air pressure of air outlet, poor operation of power take off or oil pump gear, unclean hydraulic oil causing the distribution valve to be stuck, etc.

You should first step on the clutch, then go to neutral, then open the power take off, and then open the lift switch.

shacman dump truck

Prevent hydraulic system problems

Before each trip, check the fuel level in the fuel tank to keep the fuel level sufficient. Manually control the valve, shacman dump truck check whether the air circuit is leaking, and also check whether the oil circuit is leaking. In addition,shacman dump truck is necessary to carry out the lifting test under no-load conditions to check whether the hydraulic cylinder, gear pump,shacman dump truck control valve and other components are normal during the lifting process, shacman dump truck and whether there is any jamming, squatting, bouncing and abnormal noise in the process of accident.

shacman dump truck

Next, the shacman dump truck operation procedures: start the car, ignite; press the power take off switch (very important); shift gear.

Then pull up the lifting device first; finally, find a suitable position and place the lifting device in the designated position that needs to be placed in the stacking room.

When unloading the dump truck, be careful not to lift the top while walking! Height space (up to 5M or more after the top is lifted) Pay attention to the reliability of the parking and unloading ground (the shacman dump truck should not be inclined). When unloading, the top should not be lifted to the highest level at one time. When the top is half lifted, you can slowly drive the vehicle forward and then continue to lift the top. Budget the space for the shacman dump truck to move forward.

shacman dump truck

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