HOWO Truck : 3 Maintenance Precautions

HOWO Truck : 3 Maintenance Precautions

HOWO Truck : 3 Maintenance Precautions

It is midsummer and the temperature is getting higher and higher. In the face of high temperature, rain and ultraviolet rays, the areas that need more attention in the maintenance of HOWO truck also follow. Let me tell you some basic precautions first.

Check HOWO truck ‘s circuit frequently to prevent spontaneous combustion

HOWO Truck : 3 Maintenance Precautions

In the high temperature environment in summer, the improper use of HOWO truck may cause spontaneous combustion. Improper use includes: problems in the truck’s oil circuit, sparks caused by aging wires, and flammable items in the car. At this time, the high temperature outside creates potential conditions for the truck to spontaneously ignite. Therefore, when entering the summer, we need to regularly check the oil circuit of the howo truck, especially do not place inflammable and explosive items similar to perfume on the center console of the vehicle. When you find that your HOWO truck is abnormal, you must send it in time. build.

Choose the right place to park your HOWO truck

Long-term exposure to the sun will cause the paint of the HOWO truck to become old and wrinkled, so how to protect the paint? Do the following 3 points.

  1. Try to avoid washing the car after high temperature exposure. Even if you want to wash it, let the car “cool down” for a while.
  2. Don’t stick the film on the car paint casually, but the heat insulation film on the glass is still very necessary.
  3. Choose Let us customize the light color car paint. The measured temperature of light-colored car paint is about 10°C lower than that of dark-colored paint

Clean the air conditioner

When the air conditioner is not used for a long time, it is easy to accumulate a large amount of bacteria. After the weather is warm, these sleeping bacteria will become active again, so it is very necessary to disinfect and clean the car air conditioning pipeline in summer. In addition, you may have encountered that the air conditioner of the sino HOWO truck sometimes does not work and cannot blow cold air. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the air conditioner has enough refrigerant.

HOWO Truck : 3 Maintenance Precautions

The above three summer maintenance details are not unfamiliar to everyone, but there are still some maintenance misunderstandings, which we will focus on.

Misunderstanding 1

In summer, the tire pressure should be low, otherwise it is easy to blow the tire

In summer, the road surface temperature will be much higher than the body temperature, which makes the use environment of HOWO truck tires more severe, and high temperature can easily lead to excessive tire pressure. So many car owners will release tire pressure when it is hot. However, it should be noted that too low tire pressure will increase the contact area between the tire and the ground, and the internal temperature of the tire will easily be too high when driving. Coupled with the deformation of the inside of the tire, the steel wire of the tire will aggravate the aging, reduce the life of the tire, and increase the fuel consumption. Therefore, it is not possible to blindly reduce the tire pressure, but also depends on the specific road conditions to determine the tire pressure.

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HOWO Truck : 3 Maintenance Precautions

No need to use antifreeze in summer

What is the function of antifreeze? Freeze! Do you still need to care about antifreeze in this summer? In fact, antifreeze also has a name called “coolant”. Its function is not limited to antifreeze, but integrates antifreeze, anti-boiling, anti-corrosion and anti-scaling. It is responsible for preventing the engine cooling system of the HOWO truck from being frozen in winter, and it is responsible for cooling the engine in summer, so it is still necessary to pay attention to whether the antifreeze is sufficient in summer.

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Need to change high viscosity oil in summer?

Don’t read the pseudo-propositions of “use oil with higher viscosity in summer” and “0W20 oil is not thick enough in summer”. It is better to study the parameter of oil viscosity seriously. In fact, take out the “HOWO truck manual”, above What viscosity is marked, that is the best viscosity for you. There are two points to pay attention to, one is that the oil is not too little, and the other is that the oil is not expired.

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