How to Operate a Concrete Mixer Truck?

How To Operate A Concrete Mixer Truck

As a concrete truck driver, operating a concrete truck is an essential part of your daily work. This article will introduce you how to operate a concrete truck correctly, including the methods, steps and operating procedures of loading and unloading.

Preparations Before Operation

First, some preparatory work is required before proceeding with loading. This includes checking the condition of the concrete truck, cleaning the interior of the vehicle, getting the necessary tools and equipment ready, and more. Next, I will introduce the steps of loading materials in detail for you:

Drive the Concrete Truck to the Job Site

Before entering the construction site or concrete mixing plant, confirm the route, traffic conditions, construction site environment and other information in advance, and drive in accordance with relevant requirements and signs.

Prepare the Required Equipment and Tools

After driving the concrete mixer truck to the construction site or concrete mixing plant, the equipment and tools to receive the concrete need to be ready. Such as loading hopper, conveying pipe, etc.

Park the Concrete Truck in the Loading Area

Choose a flat, solid ground for parking, stop the concrete mixer truck firmly and apply the handbrake to avoid the vehicle sliding or overturning.

Adjust the Position of the Loading Hopper

Open the feed port of the concrete truck and adjust the position of the hopper to ensure that the concrete can flow into the mixing tank smoothly.

Add Water

Add about 10% water to the mixing tank to prevent the concrete from sticking to the rollers.

Concrete Truck Loading

When everything is ready, start loading the concrete. During the loading process, it is necessary to maintain stability and avoid shaking and excessive extrusion to ensure the quality and uniformity of the concrete.

How To Operate A Concrete Mixer Truck
How To Operate A Concrete Mixer Truck

Step 1. Add Aggregate and Cement

Add aggregates (such as sand and gravel) and cement to the mixing tank. The amount added should be based on the desired concrete mix.

Step 2. Mixed Ingredients

Turn on the concrete mixer truck’s mixer and let it run for about 5 minutes. This will ensure that the ingredients are well mixed.

Step 3. Add More Water

Add the remaining water to the tumbler. The amount of water should be based on the desired consistency of the concrete.

Step 4. Mix Again

Let the blender run for another 5 minutes to ensure the water is fully incorporated into the mixture.

Step 5. Check Mix

Check the uniformity of the mix and adjust as necessary to achieve the desired consistency.

Transport Concrete

Once loaded, the transport can begin. Keep the mixing tank in a rotating state during transportation to prevent the concrete from solidifying. In addition, pay attention to the road surface and traffic conditions, abide by traffic rules and laws and regulations, and ensure safe transportation.

Concrete Truck Unloading

Next, let’s see how a concrete truck unloads. Unloading also requires certain preparations and precautions. The specific steps for unloading are as follows:

How To Operate A Concrete Mixer Truck
How To Operate A Concrete Mixer Truck

Step 1. Start the Mixer of the Concrete Mixer Truck

Turn on the concrete mixer truck mixer and let it run for a few minutes to loosen the concrete inside the drum for easy unloading.

Step 2. Check Concrete Consistency

Check the consistency of the concrete to make sure it is in workable condition. If the concrete becomes too hard, add a little water and mix.

Step 3. Open the Chute to Start Unloading

Open the chute and start pouring the concrete. Control the rate of discharge to avoid spillage or overloading of the conveying system.

Step 4. Cleaning Chute

After unloading the concrete, clean up the remaining concrete on the chute to prevent it from solidifying on it.

Step 5. Wash Concrete Truck Roller

Rinse away the residual concrete in the concrete truck drum with water and properly dispose of the sewage.

Step 6. Check Concrete Mixer Truck Status

Check the concrete mixer truck for any damage or wear. Find problems and repair and maintain in time


Remember to always wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE) when unloading and pouring concrete.

Operating a concrete truck requires special care and caution, and safe and efficient work can only be ensured when the correct operating steps and procedures are mastered.

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