How to maintain heavy trucks during the Spring Festival?

heavy trucks

How to maintain heavy trucks during the Spring Festival?

The way to maintain heavy trucks during the Spring Festival

If a heavy trucks is not used for a long time, it seems that there is no wear on the surface. In fact, long-term parking will make the oil and antifreeze deteriorate, especially in the heavy trucks cold winter, the liquid in the car is more likely to be abnormal. Therefore, before the Spring Festival shutdown, pay attention to check various oils and batteries, so heavy trucks as to start normal use after the festival.

heavy trucks

1.Check oil and antifreeze

After the heavy trucks has been parked for a long time, it is necessary to check the oil and antifreeze liquid levels before starting work, so as to avoid the lack of oil caused by leakage during the parking process, which heavy trucks may lead to failure of the engine after running. At the same time, check the quality of the oil. No stickiness and needs to be replaced immediately.

2.The battery needs to be fully charged or cut off the power

As we all know, the battery will lose power after the vehicle is parked for a long time. Before the heavy trucks is shut down, ensure that the power supply is sufficient, because the vehicle in the parked state also consumes power. If the battery voltage is insufficient, the engine may not be able to start smoothly after parking. Card friends can check the voltage by themselves. When the engine is off, turn on the ignition key, turn off all lights, air conditioners and audio-visual entertainment functions, wait for 30 seconds after the instrument is powered on and self-check, and check the vehicle power supply voltage displayed by the instrument. The voltage should be Not less than 25V. In addition, you can also remove the negative terminal of the maintenance-free battery (the “➖” symbol on the battery), and wire it with the electrical equipment installed by yourself to prevent the battery from leaking.

3.Check tire pressure before shutting down

If the heavy trucks is parked for a long time, it will cause the tire to be inflated. Before the shutdown, the tire pressure can be adjusted to the upper limit, so that the normal tire pressure can be maintained even if the tire is inflated. In addition, it is also necessary to check whether the tires are damaged, and if there are, they need to be repaired in time. If the heavy trucks is parked in one position for a long time, it is easy to cause the deformation of the tire and the deformation of the suspension. Therefore, the parking area needs to be flat, and it is best to move at least once every two weeks.

heavy trucks

4.Pay attention to the maintenance of gas cylinders for natural gas heavy trucks

Due to different structures, natural gas heavy trucks and fuel heavy trucks also differ in some maintenance details. In addition to the heavy trucks above 5 points for attention, when the natural gas heavy truck is stopped for a long time, special attention should be paid to the maintenance of the gas cylinder. The gas cylinder level of LNG vehicles should be kept at 70-90%, and the gas volume of CNG vehicles should be kept above 10MPa. Before the natural gas heavy truck stops and turns off, it is necessary to close all the ball valves of the LNG cylinder (liquid outlet valve, booster valve, and vent valve), and all the ball valves of the CNG cylinder, so that the vehicle is idling and burns to flameout.

To the heavy trucks ON position, make sure to turn off the on-board electrical equipment; keep the vehicle powered on (the key remains in the ON position), and let it stand for 12-15 hours; after the standstill, heavy trucks a full charge is required.

heavy trucks

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