How to improve battery life?

improve battery life

How to improve battery life?

The way to improve battery life

To improve battery life battery is the only component in the whole vehicle that has an electro-chemical reaction, and low temperature has a significant impact on its performance. The mid-winter is approaching, the editor will give you three tips for special riders to easily cope with the cold winter season and improve battery life!

improve battery life

Precautions when turning off the flame

When parking and turning off the engine, remember to turn off all electrical equipment in the car, otherwise the battery may be depleted and cannot be started the next day.

When the engine is turned off, avoid using high-power equipment such as headlights, air conditioners, and stereos. The battery is in a state of continuous discharge without charging. Excessive power consumption may make the vehicle unable to start, and excessive discharge will also cause great damage to the car battery itself. .

Nowadays, there are more and more external devices for improve battery life vehicles, such as GPS, driving recorder, air purifier, etc., if the power is turned off and the vehicle is still in the power-on mode, the battery will continue to be consumed, which may cause the improve battery life battery to lose power and fail to start.

The startup time should not exceed 5s each time. If the first startup fails, do not rush to start repeatedly, at least start again after 15s. Prevent the battery from over-discharging, affecting performance and service life.

Precautions when parking

Parking for more than two weeks (the lower the temperature, the shorter the parking time), it is recommended to remove the positive or negative cable on the battery to prevent the battery from being drained by the weak current in the vehicle’s circuit system, causing it to fail to start when it is used again.

If the battery is not used for a long time, self-discharge will occur, resulting in power loss. Therefore, batteries that have not been used for a long time should be regularly maintained and charged to avoid performance and service life degradation due to excessive discharge.

improve battery life

Precautions for the use of vehicle functions

In winter, the frequency of use of functions such as seat heating, rearview mirror heating, and improve battery life defogging increases, and these functions should be used reasonably in winter to reduce the burden on the battery.

In the severe winter season, the road conditions are more complicated. A truck in excellent condition will be an excellent partner for your truck journey. You must drive carefully. XCMG Automobile Service Center will provide customers with 24/365 rescue services, guarding the whole process and escorting them all the way!

improve battery life

If a warning light similar to “battery” lights up on the improve battery life instrument panel after the improve battery life vehicle starts the self check, it means that the battery power is improve battery life too low and needs to be replenished or checked at an auto repair shop.Note that improve battery life the oil filter must be changed when changing the oil. If the oil filter is not changed in order to save money, the performance and effect of the oil will be greatly reduced. In addition, there are also consumable parts of the vehicle that should be replaced on time, such as: brake pads, wiper blades, tires, belts, batteries, brake oil, etc.; regularly check each electrical oil circuit system. For some parts, such as: brake pads, its wear and tear is determined according to the driving habits of the car owner and the road sections they run on. The improve battery life wear time varies and varies from person to person. For example, if you often run downhill, you need to brake all the way to improve battery life.

improve battery life

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