How to maintain bulk cement in summer?

bulk cement

How to maintain bulk cement in summer?

How to maintain bulk cement in summer

The bulk cement is also a powder material transport vehicle. It consists of a dedicated car chassis, bulk tank body, tracheon system, and automatic unloading device. Bulk transportation of dry materials.

As the temperature continues to rise, the summer is finally coming. Many people have done sun protection early. After all, no one wants to have been hacked several degrees before anyone over the summer. Although our pink tankers are not afraid of sun, they must do the necessary maintenance and protection with the coming rainy season.

bulk cement

Because it is a dedicated car, it is more complicated to use operations and maintenance than ordinary vehicles. This requires us to pay special attention to its maintenance and protection in usual use.

bulk cement assembly maintenance:

First, pay attention to personal protection. The temperature increases when the intake pipe is suppressed. Coupled with summer exposure, the surface temperature of the pipeline is easy to cause burns to the staff, bulk cement so you must pay special attention to do the necessary protection and then operate.

Second, pay attention to the cleaning of the bulk cement. When cleaning the remaining ash and replacement of sulfurization tube, try to choose in the morning or morning when the temperature is low in the can, but still to ensure the ventilation of the bulk cement to prevent the workman from heat stroke. At least one person must be left behind outside the tank. In order to observe the situation of the operators in the bulk cement at any time and respond in time.

Third, pay attention to waterproof in the rainy season. Pay close attention to the state of the lid and sealing rings in the rainy season to avoid the gap of the tank lid that causes the rainwater to flow into the tank body, bulk cement which will cause the cement block and affect the ash. Security, you must pay attention to non-slip work on the top of the can. Equipped with a seat belt throughout the process to protect your own safety.

Frame assembly and other maintenance and maintenance:

Car chassis: Strictly follow the instructions, do not disassemble it without permission, bulk cement so as not to cause unnecessary losses.

bulk cement

Check the tightness of the tire screws: Don’t be troublesome for everyone, you should check whether each screw is tight one by one. bulk cement is a trivial matter to run away a screw on the road. Come but regret it. Putting a word is “there is no small thing in the tire”, I hope everyone remember.

Shake your legs to see if bulk cement is normal: the leg check must be shaken up and tried a few times, Whether the wear of the activity site is normal: reached out and touch the small components such as the box of the box, the hook, the pile, the container lock, etc. to see if there is a crack.

Air compressor: Maintenance in strict accordance with the specifications of the instructions,bulk cement and it is strictly forbidden to operate privately.

bulk cement

For force: Regularly check the lubrication and operating conditions. If you have abnormal noise, deal with bulk cement as soon as possible; the gear bite and wear should also be checked and maintained regularly.

Permanent road: Regularly check the sealing situation.

Safety device: Timely check the safety valve and pressure meter status of the tanker to prevent over pressure and inverted.

Of course, the maintenance of tankers is far more than that. This is just a simple explanation of the part that needs special attention. Only by doing regular maintenance and maintenance, the use of bulk cement can be more efficient and long-lasting, and our experience will be better

bulk cement

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