How Many Gears Does a Truck Have?

How Many Gears Does A Truck Have?

The biggest difference between a truck and a car, in addition to its appearance and size, is the displacement and the number of gears. The number of gears in a truck is determined by the number of gears in the gearbox, that is, the number of gears that a stepped gearbox has. Therefore, the performance of a truck has a lot to do with the gearbox. So, what do you know about truck gears? Read this article for some interesting facts about truck stalls.

How Many Gears in a Semi Truck?

A standard truck has 12 gears, including 12 forward and 2 reverse. Other trucks have 14-18 forward gears and 2 reverse gears.

What Is a Truck Transmission?

The gear position of the truck is determined by the gearbox. Before talking about the gear position of the truck, let us first understand the gearbox of the truck.

The role of the gearbox is to change the torque, speed and direction of motion transmitted from the drive shaft to the driven shaft. The gearbox consists of a case and several gear pairs.

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Type of Gearbox

The gearbox is divided into manual gearbox and automatic gearbox.

How Many Gears Does A Truck Have?

Allison 3000 6-Speed Automatic Transmission

How Many Gears Does A Truck Have?

Sinotruk HW19710 10-Speed Manual Transmission

Manual Gearbox

The manual gearbox is connected to the shift lever on the center console of the truck cab, and needs to cooperate with the clutch to operate the shift lever to shift gears when accelerating or decelerating.

  • lower purchase price
  • Higher fuel efficiency and fuel saving
  • Simple structure, low maintenance cost and long service life
  • The clutch, accelerator and shifting device need to be operated manually, which requires a high driving level of the driver
  • In the process of shifting, the truck is prone to frustration, and the comfort is low

Automatic Gearbox

The automatic gearbox can automatically shift gears according to the truck’s driving speed and engine speed. Trucks with automatic gearbox do not have a clutch, and the speed of the vehicle is directly controlled by the accelerator.

  • Lower requirements for drivers to drive
  • Comfortable driving experience, reducing driver stress
  • No hesitation when shifting automatically
  • Automatic trucks are more expensive than manual trucks
  • Complex structure and high maintenance cost

How Many Gears Do Trucks Have?

There are many types of trucks, the most common of which are semi trucks and dump trucks.

How Many Gears Does a Semi Truck Have?

A standard semi truck usually has 10 forward gears and 2 reverse gears. Before designing a semi-truck, the manufacturer will consider its use scenario and working environment, and then choose the most suitable configuration for the semi-truck based on these. Therefore, truck manufacturers have designed semi-trucks with different gears to meet the needs of diverse working environments. Therefore, in addition to the 10-speed gearbox, semi-trucks also have 12-speed, 14-speed, 16-speed, and 18-speed gearboxes.

Common Chinese Semi-truck Stalls:

  • The common HW10-gear series HW19710 gearbox for Sinotruk tractors has 10 forward gears and 2 reverse gears.
  • Shacman tractors often use Fast 12-speed gearbox, which has high transmission efficiency, strong load capacity and low failure rate.

How Many Gears Does a Dump Truck Have?

Dump trucks have the same gears as semi-trucks, also use a gearbox with 10-18 forward gears, and have two reverse gears. It depends on the gearbox used.
Both our Sinotruk HOWO and Shacman dump trucks for sale use a standard 12 speed manual transmission.

How Many Gears Does A Truck Have?

Sinotruk Truck

How Many Gears Does A Truck Have?

Shacman Truck

How to Change Gears in a Truck?

The gear of the truck has 6 control positions, as shown in the figure. Trucks are divided into low gear and high gear. The 1-6 gears of a 12-gear truck are low gears; the 7-12 gears are high gears.

The shift operation of the low gear is the same as that of a car. After accelerating to the next matching speed, step on the clutch and operate the gear lever to increase the gear. When shifting to the 6th gear, press the high-low gear switch lever located under the gear handle, that is, successfully switch to the high-speed gear, and get 6 brand new speed ratios. At this time, the 1st gear has become 7th gear, the 2nd gear has become 8th gear, and so on, 12 gears have been obtained.

How Many Gears Does A Truck Have?

Why Do Trucks Have so Many Gears?

  1. Improve motivation. Because the engine of the truck is a diesel engine, its speed is low, and it is necessary to set multiple gears through the gearbox to adjust the speed.
  2. The load capacity of trucks is generally very large, and more gears are needed to amplify the torque output by the engine, so that the truck can take into account fuel consumption while ensuring power.
  3. The more gears of the truck are conducive to more stable driving. If there are too few gears, the torque output will not be well controlled, driving will be inconvenient, and even flameout may occur.
  4. Ensure a smooth ride. The truck has more gear, the difference between the gear and the gear is small, even if the overstep gear can be changed quickly, without hurting the gear. And can choose the appropriate gear according to the speed, load, car weight.
How Many Gears Does A Truck Have?

Is the More Gears a Truck Has, the Better?

In most cases, a truck with a 12-speed gearbox is perfectly adequate, which is why most trucks use a 12-speed gearbox.
Trucks with more than 12 gears will drive more smoothly, and theoretically have an advantage over trucks with lower gears in terms of fuel consumption, so they are more suitable for heavy loads and complex road conditions. In the choice of truck configuration, we suggest that you should choose the truck that best suits your needs.

In general, the gear position of the truck is related to the transmission. There are manual gearboxes and automatic gearboxes. The most common manual transmission trucks are 10 and 12 gears, and there are also 14-18 gears. When shifting gears, the timing should be grasped, and it should not be too early or too late; after the shift is over, the clutch pedal should be released in time. When purchasing a truck, the selection of gears should comprehensively consider your own needs and choose the configuration that suits your working environment.

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