Flatbed Trailer and Shacman Horse Truck Sent To Mozambique

flatbed sea transportation

Mozambique customer purchased a flatbed trailer and Shacman X3000 horse truck from Fudeng for the first time. Now, the trailer and truck will be shipped to Dar es Salaam. After 30 days of shipping time, the customer finally received her truck and trailer.

Shacman X3000 truck head
sea transportation

Mozambique customers find the Shacman X3000 series visually appealing. Therefore, customers became interested in the Shacman truck and contacted us. Our sales manager, Fiona, quickly provided customers with lots of practical advice. After comprehensive consideration, the customer chose this X3000 head truck and flatbed trailer to load the 50tons granite. We also give the gifts a spare tire and tarpaulin. The customer is very satisfied.

flatbed trailer

Flatbed trailers are commonly used to transport containers, vehicles, agricultural products, construction materials, industrial equipment, and other goods. Flatbed trailers are popular due to their versatility, ease of disassembly, and high transportation efficiency. It can transport two 20-foot containers and one 40-foot container, and can also transport a variety of bagged bulk cargo.

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