What kind of refrigerator is refrigerated?


What kind of refrigerator is refrigerated?

What kind of refrigerator is refrigerated

What kind of refrigerator is refrigerated?We all know that refrigerators are used to store and transport fresh fruits and vegetables at low temperatures. The refrigerator is a dedicated refrigerated transport vehicle equipped with refrigeration units and polyurethane insulation boxes. But do you know what the refrigerator is mainly relied?


Composition and use of ingredients:

The refrigerator system consists of a refrigerant and four main parts, namely compressors, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator. The compressor compressor is the driving force of the refrigeration cycle, driven by the motor, and continuously rotates. It not only removes the steam in the evaporator in time to keep it at low temperature and low pressure, but also increases the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant steam by compressing the heat of the refrigerant steam to create conditions for the heat of the refrigerant steam to the external environment medium.

In other words, low temperature and low pressure refrigerant steam is compressed to high temperature and high pressure state, so that normal temperature air or water can be used as a cooling medium to condense the refrigerant steam.


The condenser is a kind of heat exchange equipment. It uses environmental cooling medium (air or water) to take away the heat of the steam of high temperature and high pressure refrigerant steam from the cold compressor, thereby condensing the steam of high temperature and high pressure refrigerant steam Essence It is worth mentioning that during the process of turning the refrigerant vapor into a refrigerant liquid, the pressure of the condenser is constant and still high.

Slotting element (that is, the expansion valve):

The refrigerant liquid of high pressure room temperature is directly sent to a low temperature evaporator without ear. According to the principle of saturated pressure and saturated temperature, the pressure of the refrigerant liquid is reduced, thereby reducing the temperature of the refrigerator liquid. The high voltage room temperature refrigerant liquid obtains a low temperature and low pressure refrigerator through the decompression device, and the evaporator can evaporate in the evaporator. The capillary tube is often used as a throttle and air-conditioning component in daily life.



The evaporator is also a thermal exchange device. Low temperature and low -pressure refrigerant liquid evaporates into steam after flowing, absorbing the heat of the cooling substance, reducing the temperature of the substance, and achieving the purpose of freezing and refrigerated food. In the air conditioner, the environmental air is cooled to achieve the function of cooling and dehumidification of the air. The lower the evaporation temperature of the refrigerant in the evaporator, the lower the temperature of the cooling object. Generally speaking, the evaporation temperature of the refrigerant in the refrigerator is between 26 and 20, and the air conditioner is adjusted between 5 and 8.


It can be seen that the refrigeration unit is an important part of the refrigerator’s operation. Learning to maintain and maintain is also the skill we must learn.

refrigerator truck refers to a closed type transport truck that is used to maintain the temperature of frozen or fresh keeping goods. The refrigerated truck is a refrigerated device equipped with a refrigerated unit and a polyurethane insulation compartment. Loading capacity and carriage type are classified.

Refueling cars are commonly used for transportation of frozen foods (frozen vehicles), dairy products (dairy transport vehicles), vegetables and fruits (fresh goods transport trucks), vaccine drugs (vaccine transport vehicles), etc. The refrigerator is a walking part of the dedicated car chassis. It is composed of components such as polyurethane material, glass reinforced reinforced reinforcement, color steel plate, stainless steel, etc.), refrigeration units, etc.


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