How to check whether the refrigeration unit works normally?

refrigeration unit

How to check whether the refrigeration unit works normally?

check whether the refrigeration unit works normally

check whether the refrigeration unit works normally ,In recent years, the rapid development of cold chain logistics has entered its peak period. And the cold chain transportation industry, the most headache for the old driver is that the refrigerated car refrigerator unable to effectively refrigerate, and the refrigerator can not reach the expected temperature. Only by using and operating the refrigerator can ensure the intact transportation and preservation of the goods.

refrigeration unit

Observe when the compartment is pre-cold, because the cold machine fails to check and exclude after the goods are installed

Check whether the belt or bracket screw is loose: If the belt is loose, there will be sharp friction sounds at high speed. If the screws are loose, there will be creaked metal collision sounds, but because the motor movement is too large, refrigeration unit it is necessary to open the front inspection. Or use tools to tighten the compressor screw with tools after shutting down the engine and brake unit.

Observe whether the surface of the relatively thick tube (low pressure pipe) from the compressor is cold (generally on the tube of the compressor or the outer wall of the connecting pipe, there will be water droplets or humidity). Failure warranty. You can also touch it by hand. If it is hard, the refrigerant is sufficient, if it is soft, refrigeration unit the refrigerant is insufficient. Special attention: The other thin tube is a high pressure tube. Do not touch it. It is very hot.

If the refrigeration effect is still not satisfactory after the above operation, you can contact the local service station, please deal with professionals in time!

Disposive emergency work of refrigeration car refrigeration units:

The vehicles are “seven points, refrigeration unit three point repair”, develop the habit of regular inspection and maintenance, and try to avoid encountering emergencies

If there is a failure of the refrigerated vehicle or cold machine, contact the relevant personnel for the first time and take measures in time. If you cannot solve the processing of the nearest service station as soon as possible, refrigeration unit you can usually take the route to understand the information of the service station along the way.

refrigeration unit

It is not recommended to bring goods for maintenance. If there are goods, it is recommended to buy ice cubes, or find cold inventory, or find other refrigerated cars to transfer. It is not recommended to bring goods to the service station for repair. The interior of the carriage will not affect maintenance. It is recommended to learn about the information along the way, and the situation of other refrigerated logistics companies

Generally, on-site rescue is not recommended. The repair of cold machines require professional equipment, tools, materials, electricity (such as nitrogen), accessories, refrigeration unit and service stations for maintenance.

refrigeration unit

Common fault code HPER high pressure alarm; LPER low pressure alarm.

How to cool down the refrigeration unit of refrigerated vehicles:

The engine speed is not less than 1500 rpm, ensuring the rapid and efficient operation of the refrigeration unit’s compressor.

During the driving process, refrigeration unit the refrigerator ensures that the condenser of the refrigeration unit is good for heat dissipation. (Regularly clean up condenser debris)

The effect of the cargo inside the box is obvious. Because the air humidity is large, the air box is slow.

Ensure that the refrigerant refrigerant is not lacking, refrigeration unit and there is generally no fluorine leakage, and the refrigerant does not need to be added.

There is a sufficient gap between the cargo in the thermos and the inner wall of the cold compartment to ensure a smooth cycle of cold air.

refrigeration unit

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