How much do you know about container chassis trailer?

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Container chassis trailer is a type of semi-trailer with a frame made up of longitudinal beams, crossbeams, and front and rear end beams welded together. It is similar in appearance to a flat semi-trailer, except that a frame is used instead of a steel plate. When viewed from above, its bottom is exposed, so the goods it transports are generally quite special.

The structure of a container chassis trailer

Firstly, the chassis is usually made of high-strength steel, which has excellent load-bearing capacity and compressive performance.
Next is the suspension system, which includes mechanical suspension and air suspension. The common one is the air suspension system, which can effectively reduce shock and improve driving stability.
The most important part is the container fixing device, which can firmly fix the container, ensuring that it will not slip or fall off during transportation.

Performance of container chassis trailer

container chassis trailer

has high load-bearing capacity and can adapt to containers of various weights and specifications, meeting the transportation needs of different goods.
Container chassis trailer has excellent stability and handling, even when driving on highways, it can maintain stability.
Skeleton trailer’s braking system and tires have also been optimized to ensure timely braking and reduce the risk of accidents in emergency situations.

The advantages of container chassis trailers

Firstly, it has efficient loading and unloading capabilities, which can quickly and conveniently load and unload goods, improving logistics efficiency.
Secondly, it has strong cross-border capabilities and can adapt to the transportation of different types of goods, such as industrial products, agricultural products, daily necessities, etc.
In addition, due to its compact structure and small footprint, it is suitable for transporting goods on narrow urban roads, reducing traffic congestion.

chassis trailer for sale

Compared with ordinary semi-trailers, container chassis trailers are lighter in weight and can transport more goods. At the same time, they can save fuel, reduce vehicle costs, and to some extent improve transportation efficiency. Many express transportation companies have started to choose skeleton vehicles instead of the original box type vehicles.

Skeleton semi-trailer is a powerful, safe and reliable transportation tool. It has a sturdy structure, excellent performance, efficient loading and unloading capacity, and strong adaptability. In the development of modern logistics, container chassis trailers play a crucial role, providing strong support for the fast and safe transportation of goods.

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