dump tipper truck

The dump tipper truck is working for mining industry, construction business, docks, gravels for transporting soil, sand, stones and so on. It is widely used to the mining site and construction project. Use this type dump truck from short distance transportation from one place to another place. Now a lot of countries of Africa has many transportation business, include the mining site, road and other construction business become increasing in this years, also have a part of customers use it to some small scale transportation business, so now the dump tipper truck be used more and more widely. At the same time, the howo is one series of Sinotruk, the tractor truck head and dump tipper truck is howo 7 model, besides howo model, we also have Hohan and howo A7 model for customer choose. The howo 7 6×4 371hp 6×4 dump truck is the most popular model in Africa.

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